“Chaos and eventful,” Lando Norris claims Safety Car ‘had him over’ after failing to win the Canadian GP

Lando Norris admitted that the Safety Car hampered his prospects of winning the Canadian GP.

“Chaos and eventful,” Lando Norris claims Safety Car ‘had him over’ after failing to win the Canadian GP

Lando Norris (via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen emerged victorious at the Canadian GP. The reigning world champion bounced back in style after a poor weekend in Monaco. However, during the race it seemed that Lando Norris was on course to win his second race of his F1 career. The British driver opened up on the late Safety Car which forced him out of the lead.

Lando Norris was on par with Max Verstappen and George Russell for the majority of the Canadian GP. The British driver showed immense pace as he overtook Verstappen with DRS on the straight before taking the lead in the first half of the Grand Prix. However, a Safety Car saw Norris lose crucial time and fall behind the two drivers.

Norris recovered back to second by the end of the race. The McLaren driver claimed that the Canadian GP was rather eventful and chaotic. Lando Norris insisted that he had great pace throughout from start to finish. However, the Briton admitted that the Safety Car ruined his chances of winning the race. Although, the 24-year-old highlighted that the Safety Car had helped him en route to his first-ever F1 victory at the Miami GP.

It was chaos, and eventful. To be honest I felt I drove a good race from start to finish. I had amazing pace, the Safety Car had me over but like it helped me in Miami, it had me over.
Lando Norris said post-race

Lando Norris praises Max Verstappen for winning the Canadian GP

Drivers were forced to race on an extremely wet track in Montreal. This left virtually no visibility on-track with Sergio Perez colliding with Pierre Gasly. Lando Norris lost grip on his out lap after the Safety Car as he failed to get ahead of Max Verstappen through an overcut. This ultimately lost him the Canadian GP.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Norris admitted that such conditions can become stressful for drivers. However, the 24-year-old insisted that things could get fun as well. Moreover, Lando Norris praised Max Verstappen for an impressive victory in Montreal. Nevertheless, the British driver was happy to score some crucial points for McLaren in the standings.

These conditions, it is so stressful inside the car but fun as well. Things were going beautifully but fair play to Max, he drive a good race. It helped me out in Miami but I am happy, we scored good points in the Constructors.
Lando Norris stated

Certainly, Lando Norris had a positive weekend in Montreal. McLaren would be satisfied with its sheer pace against Red Bull. However, Norris and the team would be looking to continue fighting for race victories in the coming races.

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