Lewis Hamilton breaks silence on his former trainer Angela Cullen’s latest career move

Lewis Hamilton's former fitness trainer has shifted to IndyCar to train Marcus Armstrong.

Lewis Hamilton breaks silence on his former trainer Angela Cullen’s latest career move

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen (via IMAGO).

Lewis Hamilton parted ways with his trainer Angela Cullen during the start of the 2023 F1 season. Cullen was often spotted alongside the seven-time world champion during race weekends. The exit of such a crucial part of Hamilton’s career wasn’t easy for the 39-year-old. Now, the Briton broke the silence over Cullen’s move from Formula 1 to the IndyCar series.


Lewis Hamilton was all praises for his former trainer Angela Cullen. Speaking on Cullen’s personality, Hamilton reckoned that she was a ‘healer’ and a very ‘positive’ person. Hence, her exit was definitely not easy for the seven-time world champion. Additionally, the Briton mentioned that Cullen’s purpose was to bring love to everyone she met, which she successfully did.

I think she's a healer. She's a positive person. Her purpose is to bring love to everyone that she meets, which she does. And she's passionate about sports.
Lewis Hamilton said, as reported by racingnews365.com.

Speaking on Cullen’s new role as the trainer of IndyCar driver Marcus Armstrong, Hamilton claimed that she was enjoying a different environment there. Additionally, the 39-year-old mentioned that she became a passionate racing fan after her stint in Formula 1. Hence, after catching the ‘racing bug’ it would be hard for the physiotherapist to return to a different life role. Also, the Briton highlighted that Cullen belonged in the sport and was very happy in her current role.

I think she's really enjoying it, a different environment, but still racing, And I think from her time here, she became such a passionate racing fan.  So I think once you catch the bug, it's hard to get out of it. And why should she?  She belongs in the sport. She's definitely very, very happy right now.
Lewis Hamilton noted.

Lewis Hamilton reveals he’s planning to ‘get together’ with Angela Cullen for parachute jumping

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen continue to be friends off the grid despite the latter leaving the sport. The two often meet up out of their respective jobs. Hence, the 39-year-old claimed that the two still shared a great friendship bond despite being separated.

She was and still is a very good friend.
Lewis Hamilton added, as reported by gpfans.com.
Angela Cullen (L) with Lewis Hamilton (R)
Angela Cullen (L) with Lewis Hamilton (R)

Additionally, the two were such good friends that they were planning to meet together soon for some activity. Hamilton declared that the two would soon meet up to partake in an activity like parachute jumping Apart from this, the Briton claimed that the two would never leave each other and that he was grateful for everything that Cullen did for him.

In fact, we’re talking about getting together again and doing something together soon, like parachute jumping, maybe. We’ll never leave each other. I’m very grateful for everything she’s given me.
Lewis Hamilton concluded.

Hence, Lewis Hamilton will be looking forward to meeting up with his former trainer and friend. Angela Cullen had also shared a post on her X account about ‘rolling in Red’ after Hamilton’s Ferrari move. The two have closely been following each other’s life despite being separated from Formula 1.

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