George Russell claims he’s “all for” Max Verstappen to join Mercedes amidst tensions at Red Bull

George Russell reckoned that he would be willing to have Max Verstappen as his teammate at Mercedes.

George Russell claims he’s “all for” Max Verstappen to join Mercedes amidst tensions at Red Bull

George Russell and Max Verstappen (Via: Imago)

Adrian Newey‘s shocking departure from Red Bull has raised questions about the exit of multiple other crucial people on the team. Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen were the first ones rumored to exit the Austrian constructor by the coming season. The ever-growing tensions between Christian Horner and Marko have remained a highly talked about topic on the paddock. Hence, amidst this, George Russell reckons that he wouldn’t be against having Verstappen as a teammate.


The talks of Max Verstappen moving to Mercedes started soon after Lewis Hamilton announced his shock switch to Ferrari. The Christian Horner investigation saga was the cherry on the top for the Dutchman to finalize his departure. However, the 26-year-old denied any such claims, saying that even ‘$250 Million’ wouldn’t see him exit Red Bull. Regardless, George Russell insisted that he’d be ‘all for’ the reigning world champion joining Brackley. Additionally, the Briton recalled his entry in Mercedes and how being Hamilton’s teammate was a ‘huge task’ for anyone.

I'd be all for it, You know, coming into Mercedes in 2022 off the back of Lewis's legendary years and victories, that was a huge task for anybody jumping into a team where he's been for so long.
George Russell said, as reported by

Apart from this, Russell mentioned that he ‘believed’ in himself and his capabilities to go against Verstappen. The Briton also highlighted the importance of going against the ‘best’ in the same machinery. Hence, George Russell reckoned that having Hamilton as his teammate was a hell of a journey and he complimented the 39-year-old over his tenure together as well.

I believe in myself, and you need to go up against the best in the same machinery and show what you have got, so I feel that having Lewis as my team-mate for the past three years... He's been a hell of a team-mate, such a great driver. And we push each other every single week and I think it's fair to say that.
George Russell added.

George Russell ready to ‘prove’ himself against Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is currently performing at the pinnacle of his career in Formula 1 after scoring three highly impressive world championships. Hence, the Dutchman is being regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of F1. As a result, multiple drivers are more than keen to go against the reigning world champion to prove their mettle. George Russell was no exception to this as he highlighted that he would be welcoming for the 26-year-old.

Max Verstappen (via IMAGO).
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Russell pointed out that he also wanted to go up against the best driver in F1 at the moment. Hence, this was the reason that he would ‘welcome’ the three-time world champion as his teammate. Additionally, the Briton mentioned that everyone wanted to prove what they have got in terms of racing skills. Hence, the 26-year-old added that the Verstappen move needed to happen at Mercedes.

I will welcome Max, I want to go up against the best. Everybody wants to prove what they've got.
George Russell highlighted.

Max Verstappen’s dominant performance has enabled him to eliminate competition early on in the past season. The 2024 season is different as Red Bull has already lost out on two races. Hence, this season might be interesting to spectate how the rival teams cope against Milton Keynes’ dominant pace. Mercedes continues their ground-effect era struggles through the 2024 season as well and has failed to put up any great results yet.

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