Why is Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari ditching Mercedes in 2025?

Lewis Hamilton's shocking move to Ferrari could be related to Loic Serra's move to Maranello in 2025.

Why is Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari ditching Mercedes in 2025?

Fred Vasseur and Lewis Hamilton (Credits: Sky Sports)

The news of Lewis Hamilton ditching his long-time team Mercedes in 2025 is probably the biggest sporting news in 2024. There could be multiple reasons for this switch, but the exact details for this shocking move weren’t revealed. However, the recent degrading form of the Silver Arrows might’ve been one of the reasons for the unexpected shift for the seven-time world champion.


Apart from Lewis Hamilton ditching Mercedes in 2025, the head of vehicle performance at Brackley, Loic Serra is also set to join Ferrari before the 2025 season.. Much like Hamilton’s thought about the team’s degrading performance, Serra felt the same and hence caused the exit of both from the team. The Frenchman was unhappy with the way that the W13 and W14 challengers panned out for Mercedes.

Additionally, Hamilton reiterated his issues with the car on multiple occasions. The former world champion felt that the team wasn’t taking accountability for the downgrade in performance as compared to their winning days. Also, Mercedes seemed to constantly overlooked the Briton’s comments about the car, causing this move from Hamilton.

Last year, I told them the issues that are with the car, I've driven so many cars in my life, so I know what a car needs, I know what a car doesn't need. 
Hamilton said, as reported by racingnews365.com.

Toto Wolff and James Allison have secured their future within Mercedes

The move for Serra to Maranello came before James Allison‘s reappointment of Technical Director within Mercedes. However, Allison wished to work alongside Serra for longer and didn’t expect the move to Maranello so quickly. Regardless, the Frenchman will work at Ferrari with other engineers who are unavailable to grab for Allison.

Toto Wolff and James Allison
Toto Wolff and James Allison (via Motorsport.com).

Toto Wolff had also recently signed a contract with Mercedes, continuing as the team principal for longer. And, Allison is also here to stay at Brackley despite the team’s waning form recently. Hence, both the top spots’ future is secured within Brackley for some more years, despite Hamilton’s move. As a result, Mercedes is continuously working towards a better start to the 2024 season.


Brackley had talked about the W15’s upgrading performance on multiple occasions. The team needs to desperately return back to their winning form. However, Mercedes would be unable to retain Hamilton’s in their arsenal if the victory slump continues for the 103-time race winner. Time will tell about the developments for the next season, as fans get excited for the 2024 season of Formula 1.

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