Does Lewis Hamilton own a private jet?

Does Lewis Hamilton own a private jet?

Lewis Hamilton stepping out of his private jet

Lewis Hamilton is currently one of the biggest names in Formula 1. The 37-year-old has rewritten history through his immense success in F1. Hamilton has won 7 world championships and consequently had earned big bucks via racing as well as endorsements. Thus the British driver is no stranger to travelling in style, and what is a classier way of a commute than a private jet? So this begs the question, whether Lewis Hamilton owns a private jet?


Lewis Hamilton used to own a state-of-art private jet, the Bombardier Challenger 605. The Brit purchased it in 2013 for a whopping $23 Million. The 605 provides luxurious accommodation for 10 passengers as well as 3 crew members. This jet included all the creature comforts any traveller would require at over 40,000ft of altitude. Allowing Lewis Hamilton to take his family and friends from one Grand Prix to another or even on vacations.

Lewis did not shy away from flaunting his uber-rich commodity

This red Bombardier jet possesses a full-size king bed for its talented owner, along with a high-speed WiFi connection, ensuring Lewis is up to date with all the news. The 605 even has a fully-equipped kitchen, which can present the 7-time champion with any delicacy of his choice. There is a luxurious bathroom on board. All these additions kept Lewis Hamilton fresh and comfortable before heading for an intense race weekend. It was alleged that Lewis had evaded taxes of up to $4 million on this jet.

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Why Lewis Hamilton sold off his private jet for $8.95 Million

The F1 driver had opted for a red and black livery for his 605

Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton no longer owns this envious Challenger 605. As the Mercedes driver decided to sell it off in February 2019 for a meagre $8.95 Million. Hamilton took this tough decision as the 7-time world champion inclined towards reducing his carbon footprint. The 37-year-old is already conscious of climate change and has advocated for sustainability in F1 and beyond. Although, Lewis still does possess an ultra-luxurious yacht as well as a multi-million dollar garage.

Since private jets are massive gas guzzlers and contribute a huge about of CO2 emissions, this decision by Hamilton is certainly a welcome one. As we see an F1 star abandon the convenience of travelling to any side of the world at his command in favor of taking a step towards conserving our planet. This is a testament by the 37-year-old, who has been raising concerns about the effect of climate change alongside fellow F1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

Thus, Lewis Hamilton did own a high-end luxurious private jet for almost 6 years. This ensured that the British driver could commute in style across the global F1 calendar. But now, Lewis has been travelling with a more environmentally friendly approach, which he hopes will also be considered by Formula 1. As the sport strives to be carbon-neutral by the year 2030. We do believe that giving up on the luxury of a private jet is a necessary step that should indeed be taken by other celebrities and millionaires to save our only home planet.

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