“The car was on rails,” Max Verstappen on cloud nine after his STUPENDOUS 2024 Chinese GP triumph

Max Verstappen has now amassed four Grand Prix wins during the ongoing campaign.

“The car was on rails,” Max Verstappen on cloud nine after his STUPENDOUS 2024 Chinese GP triumph

Max Verstappen (Via IMAGO)

Red Bull’s ace has added another accolade to his long list as he claims the victory in the Chinese GP. Thrilled by his performance, Max Verstappen couldn’t contain his joy. Returning to Chinese soil after a good long five years, and having a brilliant race, was an exhilarating feeling for the Dutchman. 

Another weekend ends with listening to the Dutch Anthem. Massive win for Red Bull as Sergio Perez claimed P3. The Milton-Keynes-based team’s RB20 was flying across the Shanghai International racing circuit. Max Verstappen has now amassed his 38th victory.

While talking about his experience with the media, Verstappen had the following to say.

It felt amazing, it was so enjoyable to drive on every single compound. The car was on rails, I could do whatever I wanted to do with it.
Max Verstappen said during post race interview

Red Bull has been on a warpath during the ongoing campaign, as they head toward claiming the 2024 Constructors Championship and also the Drivers World Title. Verstappen has broken many records under the current set of regulations and is still showing no signs of slowing down.

Max Verstappen was worried towards the end of the Chinese GP

The reigning world champion brought home another victory to the Austrian outfit, however during the final laps around the Shanghai circuit, he was worried about his tyres. Lance Stroll had an incident where he ran into the back of Daniel Ricciardo and it started a bit of a Domino effect as several cars made contact. After going through the same area after the incident, Verstappen was worried about his car.

Max Verstappen (via IMAGO).
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

To cross-check it the Dutchman was seen asking on the radio if everything was okay on his RB20.

Of course, I’ve had it in the past that I’ve retired quite close to the end and then there was a bit of debris, I think, from a car so I passed it [at] 300[kph] and, when the tyres are getting cold and old, it’s very easy to puncture them and I just wanted to double-check.
Max Verstappen said in his post-race interview

With the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix done and dusted, Red Bull has got itself in a commanding position in the standings. The outfit now finds itself with 195 points in the Constructors Championship and Max Verstappen has now managed to put on board 110 in the Driver’s tussle.

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