Max Verstappen claims he had a ‘lot of fun’ after ‘pretty crazy’ Canadian GP victory

Max Verstappen managed to win the Canadian GP despite facing stiff competition from Lando Norris and George Russell.

Max Verstappen claims he had a ‘lot of fun’ after ‘pretty crazy’ Canadian GP victory

Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Red Bull seemed to have struggled throughout the Canadian GP as well. The team had declining chances of scoring a race win with Max Verstappen not starting the race from the pole. The Dutchman also faced issues while racing around the wet and dry circuit of Montreal. Regardless, the reigning world champion managed the issues well and a few lucky incidents helped him soar to the victory.

The Canadian GP was action-packed due to the constantly changing weather around the circuit. Red Bull managed to keep a consistent effort to score the race win. Max Verstappen committed no mistakes and scored a smooth race victory. The 26-year-old mentioned that the entire race was crazy with a lot happening at the same time. Additionally, the race winner claimed that the safety car worked nicely in the Austrian constructor’s favor.

It was pretty crazy race with a lot happening and we had to be on top of our calls. The Safety Car worked out nicely for us, but we were managing the gaps quite well.
Max Verstappen said during the post-race interivew.

Despite Red Bull’s struggling pace in recent times, the team didn’t give up on the race. Red Bull ensured the best possible chances for the Dutchman. However, Sergio Perez‘s weekend was a nightmare as he retired from the race. Regardless, the 26-year-old mentioned that such races were needed once in a while purely due to the racing action and fun in the race.

Those kind of races, you need those every once in a while. It was a lot of fun out there.
Max Verstappen added.

Max Verstappen claims Red Bull’s suspension problems ‘not an issue’ anymore

Red Bull has faced multiple problems in their challenger after the dominant start to the season. The RB20 had severe simulator data errors which the engineers reportedly overlooked in the past two years. Verstappen also faced issues with grip and balance in the chassis, especially over the wet circuit of Montreal. The suspension issue was also severely present at the Canadian GP.

Max Verstappen, elmut Marko and Christian Horner
Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

However, after scoring an impressive victory, the 26-year-old reckoned that the suspension problem in the chassis was not an issue anymore. Red Bull will continue to work on the car and make sure the problems aren’t as problematic. Additionally, Verstappen reckoned that the team still needed to look over the suspension issues and fix them quickly.

Not particularly an issue. We need to work on it (suspension).
Max Verstappen noted.

Milton Keynes’ victory at the Canadian GP despite facing the issues has showcased the resilient will of the team. The Austrian constructor will continue to perform well over the 2024 season and ensure a lead over the rivals. Red Bull further extended their lead over Ferrari after both drivers did not finish the race.

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