A look inside the glamorous Singapore GP event – with afterparty tickets costing up to S$100,000

With Formula 1 returning at the Singapore GP in less than a week, party preparations will be well underway. What do they actually cost?

Singapore GP, F1
Singapore GP

The Singapore GP is considered to be one of, if not the toughest race on the calendar, right alongside the famously narrow Monaco. This is reflected in the infamous record: There has been a safety car in every edition of the race, in fact, there have almost been two safety cars every race, with the total currently sitting at 21. But there’s another side to it.

Singapore is one of the richest and most prosperous countries on the planet. In fact, Singapore ‘city’ has 8,376 millionaires, according to Business Insider, which is good enough for the sixth spot on the list. Much like Monaco, the Singapore GP adds a vat of excitement to the city, especially if you’re well-off.

In a report by Bloomberg, a certain Mark Richardson, who has attended races here before, also compared it to Monaco, considering the casinos and parties: “F1 is popular in Singapore, and there are many diehard fans, but it definitely trends toward more of a social event, weeklong party.”

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What do the paddock club tickets cost at the Singapore GP?

Singapore GP
Singapore GP

The Singapore GP (check here for ticket prices) is certainly an expensive event. but if you can splash the cash, you may just have the night of your life. If you want to and can do that, a three-day pass to the Red Bull F1 Team Paddock Club ticket by official distributor Edge Global will cost you $10,750, while an upper deck package will cost you $9,500. But that’s just scratching the surface.

1-Arden’s after-parties on racing days will cost anywhere from 200 dollars (general admission) to a whopping 12,000 dollars for a platinum VIP table. The Amber Lounge event, taking place on Fullerton Bay Hotel’s Clifford Pier is far more expensive than this. The event will feature drivers and stars, which is part of the reason for its price.

What does it start at? Well, the ‘Amber Suite’ table package will take you back some S$45,000 dollars for a 10-person table, while the slightly less expensive Platinum version will cost you in the region of S$38,500. But the real premium option is the Noir Suite, limited to one group per night, and which will cost you S$100,000 ($70,499), as per the report.

But don’t get discouraged. Single passes to the event, without a table, will cost you about S$800 on Saturday, and S$1200 on a Sunday. Just want to attend the race? Three-day grandstand tickets will cost you about $1,288.

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