“About three days too late,” Fans left divided after Christian Horner issues strong statement over Nelson Piquet’s racist remarks

Red Bull and Max Verstappen both have now kept their views on the table.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner and Nelson Piquet

Christian Horner finally comes out to speak about Nelson Piquet’s racist words against Lewis Hamilton that created a big controversy early this weekend. With all the teams coming out with a supporting hand towards the 7-time world champion, Red Bull Racing is very late with their assistance. 

Christian gave supported Lewis and his mission 44 event working against racism, but people weren’t much happy about the response coming after 3 days of overall support. Twitter users bashed out Horner calling his response as a late one.

 “We’re appalled at Nelson Piquet’s comments. We’re fully behind Lewis and the Hamilton commission,” said Horner.

To which the fan replied, “Is it me, or is this about 3 days too late and 2 paragraphs too short of a condemnation?”

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Max Verstappen’s reaction to Nelson Piquet’s comments

Max Verstappen and Nelson Piquet Sr
Max Verstappen and Nelson Piquet Sr

Max Verstappen also came out and kept his views on the Nelson Piquet controversy, he kept his path safe by supporting Lewis over the racism changes but also marked Nelson as a non-racist person. 

“He’s actually a really nice and relaxed guy, and I’m pretty sure that also the statement he released, I think you can see the word in two ways. But I think it’s still better not to use it,” said Max.

Lewis Hamilton is now in his backyard and is hoping to crack another win, his 9th, and keep his words against racism yet again.

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