Alex Albon claims Williams ‘won’t kick itself’ if it loses $9 million battle with AlphaTauri

Alex Albon admitted that Williams shifted its focus to next year's car months ago.

Alex Albon claims Williams ‘won’t kick itself’ if it loses $9 million battle with AlphaTauri

Alex Albon (Via IMAGO)

Williams Racing is currently in the process of redevelopment. Under new owners Dorilton Capital, the Grove-based team is going through restructuring and receiving much-needed investment. Williams is presently in a battle with AlphaTauri for seventh in the F1 championship. However, Alex Albon has made it clear that the British team would not have regrets if it lost to the Red Bull sister team.


Albon mentioned that Williams stopped the development of the 2023 car earlier this year to focus on next year’s challenger. The Grove-based team remains confident in its decision despite facing stiff competition from rivals this year. Subsequently, the Thai driver reckoned that the team would be fine even if it lost the spot to AlphaTauri. As the results would prove themselves in 2024.

We're pretty self-confident in ourselves that we've done the right thing... We have stopped our development for a long time now and, if we lose out for what we're focusing on for next year, it's not going to be a kicking yourself moment. I do think we're going to see the rewards next year.
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Alex Albon admitted that the Grove-based team would be affected by the loss in prize money. The difference in prize money share for seventh and eighth-placed teams is estimated to be around $9 million. However, the former Red Bull driver was adamant that the Williams would improve in the coming seasons courtesy of Dorilton’s investment.

Money talks. 
 We can say it doesn't really affect us, but of course we're racers, everyone's a racer in the team, and we all care about what position we finish.

Alex Albon and Williams improving under James Vowles’ leadership

Former Mercedes Strategy Director James Vowles joined Williams as Team Principal earlier this year. Vowles replaced Jos Capito at the Grove-based team and has been vocal about the shortcomings at the historic outfit. The 44-year-old aims to bring Williams back to the front of the pack with Alex Albon at the helm.

James Vowles, Alex Albon, and Logan Sargeant (image via
James Vowles, Alex Albon, and Logan Sargeant (image via

James Vowles has provided a much-needed new direction for Dorilton Capital’s investment. The 44-year-old has highlighted multiple areas that require massive development to bring Williams on par with the other teams. Alex Albon is expected to stay with the Grove-based for the long run as the Thai driver has proved himself as a formidable driver in the midfield.

Certainly, Alex Albon has performed consistently since returning to F1 with Williams in 2022. However, the Grove-based team is yet to finalize the Thai driver’s teammate for next season. American driver Logan Sargeant has had a mixed debut season at the Grove-based team. With rumors surfacing about a potential replacement. Although, it remains to be seen who partners Albon at Williams next season.

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