“New favorite driver it seems,” Alex Albon jealous after his grandma takes selfie with Lando Norris

Alex Albon's grandmother's dream came true after meeting Lando Norris at an airport in Japan ahead of the Japanese GP.

“New favorite driver it seems,” Alex Albon jealous after his grandma takes selfie with Lando Norris

Alex Albon (L), Lando Norris (R) (images via IMAGO), Alex Albon's grandmother meeting Lando Norris at Narita Airport (via @Alex_albon/X).

Formula 1 drivers share a strong bond off the grid despite clashing heads on the grid. Some even take trips together, alongside their families and partners. As such, drivers’ families share a deep sense of respect and love for everyone on the grid. Alex Albon‘s grandmother was no exception as she recently met Lando Norris and claimed it to be a ‘dream come true’.


Lando Norris was present at the Narita Airport in Japan ahead of the upcoming Japanese GP. Alex Albon‘s grandmother was coincidentally also present at the same airport. As a result, the two crossed paths. Albon’s grandmother was quick to recognize the 24-year-old and clicked some pictures with him. Alex Albon took to X to share the entire ordeal and joked that he was jealous about his grandma potentially having a ‘new favorite driver.’

Grandma has a new favourite driver it seems
Alex Albon said, via @alex_albon/X.

Soon after meeting the Briton, Albon’s grandmother texted the 28-year-old about the coincidence. She mentioned how she told Norris about being Albon’s grandmother. Additionally, the grandmother asserted that she achieved one of her dreams after meeting the 24-year-old. Moreover, she wanted the 28-year-old driver to be aware of this incident so Norris wouldn’t think of her as someone who lied just for the sake of the picture.

Look who I met at the Narita Airport. I just called him and said Im Alex's grandmom. Achieve one of my dreams. Let Alex know so Lando won't think an old lady just made a claim to take a photo with him.
Alex Albon’s grandmother texted him, via @alex_albon/X.

Lando Norris claims McLaren unlikely to take step forward at Japanese GP after impressive podium at Albert Park

McLaren has showcased great pace at the start of the the 2024 season. Woking has a much smoother beginning to this year as compared to last season. Hence, Lando Norris was questioned about the team’s potential to improve more in terms of performance at Suzuka. However, the 24-year-old wasn’t hesitant in accepting that this might not be the case. The Briton pointed out the Australian GP of 2023 and how the performance wasn’t as bad keeping in mind the woeful MCL60.

Not really. I think if you look back to here [Australia] last year we were not terrible considering the car that we had.
Lando Norris said, as reported by racingnews365.com.
Lando Norris
Lando Norris (via IMAGO)

Norris mentioned that the team made a great comeback this year. The 24-year-old claimed that the Woking-based had proved its capabilities with his podium at Albert Park. Although, Lando Norris emphasized that the Australian GP was expected to be a good weekend for the team.

We’ve now come back with a good car and we've shown what we can do but I think this was always going to be a good weekend for us.
Lando Norris noted.

McLaren could provide a tough challenge to Red Bull and Ferrari down the season. The British squad currently sits third in the standings ahead of Mercedes. Time will tell if the Woking-based team manages to move up to the front of the pack in the coming season.

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