“At some stage, they will need to stop”: Mattia Binotto blasts Red Bull for tweaking the budget cap in Formula 1 2022

Scuderia Ferrari's Team Principal and Engineer Mattia Binotto
Scuderia Ferrari's Team Principal and Engineer Mattia Binotto

The FIA have been stepping towards an entirely new era in the history of Formula 1, with new regulations on technicalities of the cars, to move away from the previous turbo-hybrid era of the sport. And they have also implemented a new rule on a budget cap for the teams, which will make sure the Formula 1 racing teams do not go over the limit with their expenditure to manufacture a suitable car.

The budget cap has been set with the view that the teams which have a bigger organization, with bigger funds, will not be able to make an overly expensive car that would outshine the cars made by companies with a smaller capital. This would ensure that the competition is a close one, between seemingly equal cars, manufactured by the different teams complying with the same budget cap.

Now, the implementation of the budget cap has been called into question by many F1 personnel in the recent past, and Ferrari Team Principal Mattias Binotto joins the group as he has now raised his voice against the way teams like Red Bull are manipulating the budget cap to make sure they have an advantage with their RB-18 car.

Mattias Binotto raises concerns about Red Bull’s obeyance of the budget cap rules in F1 2022 season

Scuderia Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto
Scuderia Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto

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Ferrari and Red Bull have come up as the most prominent teams that everyone has to watch out for in the new season of F1 2022. While F1 pundits have agreed that Ferrari have made a near-perfect car which has delivered great results in all the first five races of this season, Red Bull have upgraded their RB-18 a lot to reach where they are today.

Ferrari’s SF-75 has been consistent in its performance, while Red Bull has had problems with reliability right from the season opener in Bahrain where Max Verstappen had to retire from the race. But now, the team has made several changes to their car to make sure the RB-18 can keep up with the SF-75, and even go past it in terms of speed.

Speaking of Red Bull’s all-round development in the first five races of the season, Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto said Red Bull might be tweaking the budget cap to suit their needs. He said, “If there is a concern, it’s how much Red Bull are developing considering the budget cap. I hope that at some stage they will need to stop.

Mattia Binotto has also said, “I think there is the need of a big effort from FIA to try to police it (the budget cap). I think that in order to do that they need to reinforce the internal staff, and the number of people that somehow are auditing and policing, because it’s a key element.

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