“I’m a big proponent of it,” Azerbaijan GP organizers willing to shake up the schedule from 2023

After the success of sprint races in F1, Azerbaijan GP organizers are keen to step in for the same.

Azerbaijan GP could potentially hold a sprint race from the 2023 season as the organizers continue to make the race a complete success.

F1 sprint races originated in the 2021 season, during the Silverstone weekend, where Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had some good battle to witness.

Sprint races are easy to understand; a days before the race, drivers undergo a traditional qualifying session, and then pole position is given to the fastest driver.

A sprint race is like a normal race, the only major difference being that drivers can go on any compound and it is not necessary to make a pitstop. The race is really short, and the driver winning is given the pole position for the actual race. 

Drivers finishing in top 8 are given championship points; 8 points for the winner and 1 point for P8. 

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In the 2022 season, there are three weekends decided already which will hold sprint races, these are; 

  1. Emilia Romagna GP
  2. Austrian GP
  3. Brazilian GP

Of these, the Emilia Romagna GP has already taken place, with Max Verstappen winning the race followed by Charles Leclerc.  

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“I really like the idea,” Baku organizers think about the Azerbaijan sprint race. 

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The Baku circuit.

F1 originally had six sprint races planned for this year, but three of them had to be canceled following a tight budget cap. But the organizers of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix have said that they really like the idea of having a sprint race on a street circuit like Baku. 

“I think it’s good just to mix things around a little bit throughout the years. Things get boring and people just get too used to the same format and then they lose their interest,” Arif Rahimov told ESPN

The idea of Baku having a sprint race could be a good one seeing the track; it is a perfect mix of tight and short corners, with enough space for cars to have an opportunity of overtaking, and a huge straight, where cars go as fast as 320 kmph with the DRS enabled. 

Baku having a sprint race could probably bring a new excitement for the fans as well as for the drivers. 

This year’s Azerbaijan GP is set to be the round 8 on the schedule, which would be hosted during mid-June. 

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