“Max’s car is “special” so no” – F1 Twitter debate over which driver would end Mercedes’ winless streak

F1 fans debated over the possibility of Lewis Hamilton or George Russell ending Mercedes' winless streak.

Mercedes W13
Mercedes W13

The 2022 F1 season has been exciting, thrilling and unique, but for the Mercedes team, it has been absolutely disastrous and has marked the beginning of the end of their domination in F1. They have been unable to produce a race-winning car this season and have been suffering from various other issues that have resulted in them being incapable of racing against the top two teams on the grid at the moment.

Mercedes are also yet to win a race this season and if nothing changes, then they will have finished the season with no wins on their end. The fans are devastated to see the poor performance by the teamthis season and hope that they do better next season. However, their rookie George Russell has performed exceptionally despite the shortcomings of the car and has managed to finish in the top 5 in every race he has completed.

They have been facing several problems with the car which has led to their poor performance this season and there is very little hope for them to win a race this time. Despite that, under the correct circumstances, it is possible that they can secure a victory this season. There is a total of 6 races left in the season and correct strategy and circumstances could help land a win for the team.

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F1 twitter blows up over the possibility of a Mercedes win this season


Despite the season being disastrous, there are fans who believe in the team and hope that they score a win this season. There are a few who are skeptical as well.

The replies were interesting to say the least: “If it happens, I hope it’s George Russell. What I enjoy about this season is Fraudmilton hasn’t won any single races and he has cried harder and harder,” and, “If Lewis receives 100% more luck than he has had this season then yes”

The skepticism shown by the fans makes it seem that Mercedes will not be able to win a race by pure pace this season, but with the correct circumstances and strategies, anything could happen so dismissing them so early on would be a foolish thought.

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