Carlos Sainz reportedly given two-week ‘ultimatum’ by Audi to take 2025 seat

Audi has repeatedly shown interest in Carlos Sainz who is a free agent for next season.

Carlos Sainz reportedly given two-week ‘ultimatum’ by Audi to take 2025 seat

Carlos Sainz, Audi F1 Showcar (images via IMAGO).

Carlos Sainz was caught off-guard when Ferrari decided to replace him with Lewis Hamilton in 2025. Regardless, the 29-year-old assured that he would give it all in terms of performance for his final season at Maranello. Sainz is yet to secure a seat in Formula 1 for next year. Now, reports have emerged that German carmaker Audi has given an ultimatum to the Spaniard about a potential move to Sauber.


Carlos Sainz has been on the radar of Audi for quite a while now. Recently it was rumored Nico Hulkenberg and Sainz were top contenders to join Sauber next year before Audi’s takeover of the team in 2026. According to reports, Carlos Sainz has been given a two-week ultimatum to confirm his seat at Audi from 2026 onwards.

Sainz had previously mentioned his ‘timeline’ to lock in a seat for the upcoming season. The German manufacturer reportedly expects a response by mid-April from the 29-year-old. Hence, Sainz’s could lose an exciting option for his future if he fails to answer in due time. However, the Spanish driver might have other offers on the table as well.

Ex-F1 driver claims Audi wants Carlos Sainz as a ‘beacon’ for F1 arrival

Former F1 driver Cesare Fiorio shared his thoughts on Carlos Sainz’s situation. Fiorio reckoned that Audi was looking at Sainz as a top driver who could act as a beacon to guide the the carmaker once it enters F1 in 2026. The, Spanish driver’s experience could be crucial in helping Audi establish itself as a front runner on the grid.

I think Audi wants to have Carlos Sainz as a top driver, a sort of beacon to guide the arrival of this great constructor in F1.
Cesare Fiorio said, as reported by
Carlos Sainz.
Carlos Sainz (via IMAGO)

However, if Sainz decides to join Audi, the Spaniard would have to write-off the 2025 season. The Sauber-run Stake F1 team would only be controlled by Audi once it officially enters the sport in 2026. Hence, Fiorio pointed out that the following season would be a ‘lost year’ for the Spaniard in Formula 1. As such, this could play a role in Carlos Sainz’s decision for his future.

The problem is that 2025 would definitely be a ‘lost’ year.
Cesare Fiorio noted.

Hence, Carlos Sainz will need to make a call sooner or later. Audi would definitely provide the Spaniard with an exciting long-term project in F1. However, Sainz might be interested in joining an existing team instead of placing his bet on the German manufacturer which could take years to become a front runner.

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