Carlos Sainz Sr. DISAGREES with Ferrari’s ‘odd’ team decisions

Ferrari risked their P3-P4 finish by giving the green light to Charles Leclerc to fight Carlos Sainz as the duo almost collided.

Carlos Sainz Sr. DISAGREES with Ferrari’s ‘odd’ team decisions

Formula 1 2023: Spanish GP CIRCUIT DE BARCELONA-CATALUNYA, SPAIN - JUNE 02: Carlos Sainz Sr and Carlos Sainz, Scuderia Ferrari during the Spanish GP at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Friday June 02, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. Photo by Mark Sutton / Sutton Images Images GP2307_171010MS3_2998

Ferrari put up a stellar display today in Monza as Carlos Sainz clinched his first podium of the season with Charles Leclerc just behind him on P4. Sainz had a tight race as he held off Max Verstappen in the initial laps with the race culminating in an all-out battle for P3 between the Ferrari teammates. Post-race, Sainz’s father, Carlos Sainz Sr. expressed his discontent with Ferrari’s decision of letting Leclerc challenge Sainz for his place on the podium.


Sainz Sr. expressed his concern over Ferrari’s decision making as he urged Sainz to understand the team’s strategies better for their future races. He also recalled the Austrian GP, where Ferrari’s team strategies caused Sainz to lose time which resulted in a P4 finish for him while Leclerc finished P2.

“It’s odd. Sometimes they decide some things, and sometimes others. Carlos has to ask and understand the strategies, why sometimes they can attack each other, and other times not,” Sainz Sr. said in an interview with Dazn Formula 1.

Whilst Sainz did take the podium, Ferrari’s tactics today might fuel the speculations that Leclerc is favored over Sainz in Maranello. As Sainz overtakes Leclerc in the WDC standings, he will surely be looking to give more such strong performances to strengthen his position with Ferrari as he is in talks for a contract renewal with the team as well.


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Carlos Sainz shows his word’s worth after putting up a solid fight in Monza

Carlos Sainz in Monza
Carlos Sainz in Monza (Credits: PlanetF1)

While Red Bull may have yet again won another Grand Prix today in Monza, the spotlight is shining brighter than ever on Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz who held his ground in front of some of the very best drivers on the grid as he grabbed his first podium of the season with a P3 finish. Interestingly, Sainz had recently declared that Ferrari still has a possibility of winning a race this season and he might very well be the one to lead them into achieving the feat.

Sainz had a fierce wheel to wheel battle with Max Verstappen today as he lead the initial 14 laps of the race, the longest any non-Red Bull driver has done this season. With many close instances and Verstappen even calling Sainz ‘naughty’ over his team radio, Verstappen emerged victorious as he took the lead from Sainz at turn three.

After the Dutch GP, where Sainz finished P5, he had claimed that he is waiting for Red Bull to make a mistake as he looks to seize that opportunity and convert it into a win. Even though he missed out on his much coveted P1, Sainz’s exploits in Monza today were evidence that the Spaniard is doing his best to bring his team a victory amidst Red Bull’s brutal dominance.


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