Christian Horner claims Red Bull had no role in ‘instigating’ FIA Compliance investigation on Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff

Christian Horner has talked about the allegations against Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff at his latest interview with SkySports F1.

Christian Horner claims Red Bull had no role in ‘instigating’ FIA Compliance investigation on Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff

With the F1 winter break currently going on, one would expect there to be some respite in the endless news that keeps churning out from the paddocks. Right before the 2023 season ended, wild rumors claimed that Red Bull Chief Christian Horner has indicated Lewis Hamilton–the Mercedes marqueé driver–had approached him for a seat at the Austrian team. But Lewis denied these claims and it led to a string of back-and-forth comments until Horner cleared the air at the Abu Dhabi GP.


Now that the season finale in the middle-eastern country is over, the drivers are out there enjoying their time off the tracks. But F1’s power couple Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff have not been able to enjoy this winter till now as they are currently embroiled in controversies regarding their ‘conflict of interest’ with the FIA. It started with a Business F1 article that claimed the couple are privy to confidential information that should not have left the Formula One Management quarters. And the claims were solidified when the FIA placed them under investigation.

But the rival teams had been giving off radio silence over the entire matter even though Mercedes released their statement shunning the allegations against their Team Boss. Ultimately, Red Bull’s Horner was approached for a comment on the incident at one of his recent interviews and he clarified that his team had no hand in bringing the issue to light by complaining to the FIA about the Mercedes Chief.

It certainly wasn't instigated or required or set off by Red Bull.
Christian Horner said, as reported by SkySports F1.


All rival teams release the exact same statement to distance themselves from Mercedes fiasco

As Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff have been placed under investigation by the FIA Compliance department, the Mercedes F1 team are currently thought to be at crossroads with the rule-making body of Formula 1. But they should have gotten the tip about the Wolffs having access to top-secret documents from some source and the fans believe it was from one of the rival teams. In fact, the other teams stayed silent even when Susie blasted the allegations which were put on her and Mercedes claimed FIA never communicated with them before announcing their investigation into the Wolffs.

Toto Wolff is currently under investigation by the FIA (via Twitter)

Then, all of a sudden, all the F1 teams together released a statement claiming they had no role to play in the whole fiasco. And eerily enough, the statements were the exact same for all of them.

We can confirm that we have not made any complaint to the FIA regarding the allegation of information of a confidential nature being passed between an F1 Team Principal and a member of FOM staff.

In other news, Toto Wolff has not yet commented on his involvement in the fiasco that him and his wife are now facing with the FIA. He was vocal about Mercedes’ chances in the next season at his latest interview where he shared that the team was going to take the more conventional approach than a bold approach to ensure their race pace stays at par with the Red Bull ‘rocketship’ next year.

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