Sergio Perez reveals the root cause of his drop in performance amidst sabatoge conspiracies

Sergio Perez trails Max Verstappen by 110 points and is being rumoured to be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo in the future.

Sergio Perez reveals the root cause of his drop in performance amidst sabatoge conspiracies

Sergio Perez (Credits: Formula1

Sergio Perez was once a title contender at the season’s outset. But as the season progressed, the Mexican struggled to keep up with Max Verstappen and admitted defeat to the Dutchman. While conspiracy theories emerged of Red Bull sabotaging his package, the root cause behind his disastrous form has not been known to the public.

Sergio Perez started the season as a candidate to shake Verstappen’s title defense, exchanging victories with teammate Max Verstappen. However, since the Monaco GP, where he crashed and started from the back, his performance took a nosedive. This led to people claiming that Red Bull was intentionally ruining the Mexican’s chances, but he outright denied it, saying he had the same car that Max did.

Ahead of the Belgian GP, Perez told the media, “I lost confidence because of the way my crash happened.” The Mexican driver attributed his struggles to the confidence-shattering incident. Since the Monaco GP, Perez has been out of Q1 for five weekends in a row and even crashed last weekend at the Hungarian GP.

Currently, second in the standings, Perez faces fierce competition from Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton for the runner-up spot. His recent dip in form has put his position at risk. He is also rumored to be replaced by Daniel Ricciardo, following the Australian’s promotion to Alpha Tauri.

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Sergio Perez claims he is under a high-pressure environment at Red Bull

Sergio Perez and Christian Horner
Sergio Perez and Christian Horner (Credits: PlanetF1)

Reflecting on his role at Red Bull, Perez acknowledged the high-pressure environment, saying, “When you have a bad session, you have to immediately answer questions about your future.” Red Bull has often been stringent with their drivers, and the constant scrutiny adds to the challenges of performing at his best. 

Despite the difficulties, Perez finds solace in the fact that such ups and downs are common in Formula 1. He emphasized, “It’s just the way it is, you know. We deal with such small details.” In a sport where tiny factors can determine victory or defeat, even the slightest loss of confidence can significantly impact.

As the season progresses, Sergio Perez’s journey remains unpredictable. Whether he can regain his lost form and hold his position against formidable opponents will determine his final standing. He already lags Verstappen by 110 points, and it remains to be seen whether the Belgian Grand Prix will solace the Mexican’s shattered confidence.

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