Christian Horner details multiple threats Red Bull would face in 2024

Red Bull completed the most succesful Formula One season of all time for a team, concluding the year with their 21st win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Christian Horner details multiple threats Red Bull would face in 2024

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner (Via IMAGO)

Red Bull had their most dominant season in their entire time in Formula One, and arguably the most successful season in F1 history. The Milton Keyes-based team won 21 of the 22 race wins up for grabs, which is the most for a constructor ever. With Max Verstappen leading the title charge, the team also amassed the most points scored by a team in a single season at 860 points.


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was an instrumental figure in this success and headed the team to win both titles unopposed. Coming into the 2024 season however, Horner has said that Red Bull could face strong competition from rivaling teams, as Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and McLaren have begun substantial development of their 2024 challenger.

Any three of the major teams – whether it be Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren – could be major contenders next year, and we fully expect the field to converge.
Christian Horner said, as reported by

Red Bull does have a large advantage over their rivals which could aid them significantly. The Champion team began development of their 2024 RB20 earlier on in the season than any other team, with some reporting development beginning as early as May 2023. 

Christian Horner claims Red Bull 2023 season will remain unsurpassed

Red Bull achieved feats in 2023 never thought possible, winning 21 of the 22 races and scoring the most points by a driver as well as by a team. Max Verstappen broke his own 2022 record of most races won in a season as he led Red Bull to their second consecutive Constructors’ Title.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner (via IMAGO)

Red Bull also broke the record for highest percentage of wins by a team in a season, in addition to most wins by a team in a season. To add to this, Red Bull broke the long-standing record for both most consecutive driver wins and constructor wins, at 10 and 15 respectively. Team Principal Christian Horner believes 2023 saw the peak of Red Bull dominance, claiming they may never match their 2023 performance statistically.

It’s a combination of all those aspects that have come together that has been the most gratifying team performance. I doubt we will be able to achieve again, statistically what we’ve done this year.
Christian Horner said, as reported by

Red Bull did miss out on a few feats in 2023, such as winning every race, something never accomplished in the history of F1. Carlos Sainz foiled their clean-sweep attempt with his Singapore victory ahead of Lando Norris. Red Bull could also not manage to have a driver finish on the podium in every race, a record again foiled by the Singapore GP loss.

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