Christian Horner displays uncertainty over replicating this season’s dominating performance, claims ‘We can never repeat this year again’

The Red Bull drivers had a successful stint in 2023 as they gathered an astonishing 21 race victories out of a total of 22 races.

Christian Horner displays uncertainty over replicating this season’s dominating performance, claims ‘We can never repeat this year again’

Christian Horner with Toto Wolff (via IMAGO)

Red Bull have undoubtedly scored one of the most dominant season in the history of Formula 1. The team amassed a whopping total of 860 points for the team and also won 21 out of the 22 total races. However, Christian Horner raised questions over the possibility of replicating this performance and also talked about multiple threats for the team.

The British boss recalled the dominion from Mercedes and exclaimed that it was their most dominant season in 2020, yet Red Bull ultimately beat them in 2021. Horner added that the competition never stands still and also talked about how other teams were creeping up to Red Bull in terms of performance and race pace.


You also saw it in 2020 with Mercedes, That was their most dominant year ever, and yet we beat them in 2021. It never stands still, We saw how some other teams were closer to a few circuits.

Horner told (H&T:

In addition to this, the 51-year-old also talked about the developing car and concepts for the other team. He commented how the stable rules made every team creep closer to one another. Regardless, Horner added that they could not repeat this year again but gave hope by saying that the team hopes to take some learnings from the dominant RB19 and potentially implement it in the RB20.

I am sure that all concepts will come together. Stable rules make everything creep closer. I don't think we can ever repeat this year again, but hopefully we can use the lessons of this car for the RB20. Hopefully we can design a car to defend these titles. 

Max Verstappen shared the same thoughts as Christian Horner

The reigning world champion Max Verstappen shared the same thought process as Christian Horner. He renounced what Horner said and claimed that replicating this season’s performance would be nearly impossible. However, Verstappen showed confidence over developing a car even further but was not unknown to the dangers of other teams learning a lot from Red Bull.

Max Verstappen and Christian Horner.
Max Verstappen and Christian Horner (via IMAGO)

Additionally Verstappen hoped for more competition in the following season. The Dutchman also talked about the rising performance from McLaren and how the team later dipped during the end. And Mercedes and Ferrari also knew what to do according to Verstappen as he said that they will also want to return to their winning ways.


This year definitely highlighted the bright suite for the Milton-Keynes based team of Red Bull. However, Christian Horner alongside his crew and the drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez talked about the development of the RB20 and displayed confidence for a similar performance in the next season.

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