Christian Horner reportedly paid over $1 million to the suspended female employee to end investigation saga

The female employee involved with the entire Christian Horner investigation saga was allegedly paid a massive sum of around $1 million.

Christian Horner reportedly paid over $1 million to the suspended female employee to end investigation saga

Christian Horner (Via IMAGO)

The entire investigation behind Christian Horner‘s alleged inappropriate behavior received multiple new additions with every passing day. Red Bull cleared the 50-year-old from any allegations and that was supposed to be the end of the case. However, the alleged massive data leak saw the resurrection of talks over the case. Since then no new major news about the case has been brought to light.


However, it was recently revealed that the female employee involved in the case was suspended from Red Bull Racing. The female employee was also provided with a stipulated time to challenge Red Bull’s final verdict. As a result, amidst the preparations for the 2024 season, another massive information regarding the female employee has surfaced to the public.

According to reports from RTL, Christian Horner paid approximately EUR 700,000 ($766,045) to end the entire case in Horner’s favor. Additionally, According to the same report, the team principal later bumped the money to around a million Dollars to allegedly save his face from the public. However, these speculations have been made by RTL and haven’t been officially confirmed by Red Bull officials. Hence, the people on the grid await an official statement over these speculations.

Helmut Marko reportedly behind Christian Horner’s alleged evidence leak

The entire case was revealed to the public very hastily without any control of the team or the Englishman. Hence, multiple people were potentially involved in the entire leak. Initially, Jos Verstappen was suspected of the entire leak following the Dutch newspaper’s reports. However, recently it has been found that Helmut Marko was accused of potentially being behind the entire evidence leak.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko
Christian Horner and Helmut Marko (Via IMAGO)

Marko had previously showcased how he was shocked over the entire data leak against the team principal. The 80-year-old has been suspected of being involved in the entire data leak due to his lack of comments on the status quo. Regardless, the team principal is now finally innocent and the case doesn’t have any new additions to it.

Red Bull continues preparations for the upcoming Saudi Arabian GP. The team showcased a dominant performance at the season opener Bahrain GP with a one-two finish for the duo. Hence, the team might score a perfect season down the 2024 season.

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