Red Bull suspends female employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior

The female Red Bull employee was working with Christian Horner as recently as the Bahrain GP.

Red Bull suspends female employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior

Christian Horner (Via IMAGO)

Christian Horner has found himself in a difficult spot in the past few weeks. The 50-year-old was put under investigation after a female Red Bull employee accused him of inappropriate behavior. The Briton was cleared of all allegations. However, tensions have continued to escalate at Milton Keynes amidst an alleged evidence leak. Now, reports have emerged on the status of the employee at Red Bull Racing.


Previously, it was reported that Horner and the employee were working at the team as usual despite the entire saga. The two were forced to communicate as part of their roles at Milton Keynes. However, Red Bull Racing has now suspended the female employee from the team. This comes after the last day for appealing Red Bull’s verdict.

The Austrian team has not given an official reason for suspending the employee amidst increasing tensions within the team. A Red Bull spokesperson made it clear that the team could not comment on this internal matter of Milton Keynes. Certainly, this decision would raise more eyebrows for Red Bull and Christian Horner.

We are unable to comment as it is an internal matter.
A Red Bull spokesperson told

Red Bull refused to reveal any details on Christian Horner’s investigation

Christian Horner was put under an independent investigation by Red Bull GmbH. A specialized external barrister was called to take this case and questioned Horner for hours. Ultimately, all grievances against the Briton were dismissed as the investigation was concluded.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko
Christian Horner and Helmut Marko (Via IMAGO)

However, Red Bull GmbH refused to reveal any details of the investigation or the accusations. The Austrian giant cited the importance of maintaining the privacy of individuals involved in this case. Moreover, Christian Horner did not give any information to the media over the entire investigation. The 50-year-old even told the paddock to move on from this case.

Certainly, Christian Horner would be shifting his complete focus to his duties at Milton Keynes. Tensions have risen within the Red Bull camp with rumors of possible exits of Max Verstappen and even Adrian Newey. As such, it remains to be seen how Horner decides to manage the entire situation in the coming days.

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