Sergio Perez defends Christian Horner days after Max Verstappen’s father’s scathing remarks on Englishman.

Sergio Perez has finally commented on Christian Horner's inappropriate behavior saga after Max Verstappen's father thrashed the Red Bull team boss.

Sergio Perez defends Christian Horner days after Max Verstappen’s father’s scathing remarks on Englishman.

Christian Horner [L], Sergio Perez [C], Max Verstappen [R] (image via IMAGO)

Prior to the Bahrain GP, Christian Horner, the Red Bull Team Principal, was cleared of inappropriate behavior allegations after the conclusion of an independent investigation. Early on Horner had been accused of inappropriate and domineering behavior by a female employee. Red Bull initiated an independent investigation into the matter after treating it with great gravity.  

Right after Horner was cleared, an anonymous mail was sent to several F1 personalities and journalists including Max Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen. This alleged evidence leak caused a lot of havoc. These speculations didn’t sit well with the current world champions’ father, and he didn’t shy away from bashing the team principal. Sergio Perez the other Red Bull driver was asked about his opinion on the matter, and whether he supports the team principal or not. Perez clearly stated that he does.

According to the Mexican driver, he was less aware of the entire matter. Checo’s sole focus was on his job at Milton Keynes. The 34-year-old had no interest when it comes to the political aspect of the sport. When it comes to racing according to him, Sergio Perez simply focused on how fast he can drive, and improve his performance. Perez reckoned that Christian Horner was integral to Red Bull Racing and the 50-year-old was fulfilling his duties.

I think not only my support but, the full team is fully behind him. He’s obviously a very important person in our organisation, and the job that he’s done over the years, speak for themselves.  And I think Christian is a key team player in this organisation. And I think he’s fully focused on on the racing side.
Sergio Perez told

Sergio Perez disclosed his changes for the 2024 F1 season

Last season, Sergio Perez, won the Grand Prix and Sprint in Azerbaijan. Checo emerged victorious in two of the first four races of 2023. However, the 34-year-old struggled to stay consistent, and in the drivers’ championship, he came in 290 points behind teammate Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen (image via IMAGO)

The Mexican driver reckoned that Red Bull didn’t make much progress over the course of race weekends last season. It will be crucial, in Perez’s opinion, to be able to focus and get better from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. Milton Keynes has always gotten off to a great start, but failed to make major gains.

Sergio Perez claimed that it simply came down to seizing every opportunity. There are 24 races on the schedule, with each race having its unique evolution and opportunities to be maximized. He is confident that he will have a fantastic year if he can pull that off. Now, how things turn out for the Mexican driver, only time will tell. 

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