Daniel Ricciardo blames the DRS for losing out an ‘impossible’ battle to Carlos Sainz at the Brazilian GP

Daniel Ricciardo was frustrated after losing a hard-fought battle to Carlos Sainz in the Sprint.

Daniel Ricciardo blames the DRS for losing out an ‘impossible’ battle to Carlos Sainz at the Brazilian GP

Daniel Ricciardo (Via IMAGO)

Daniel Ricciardo had high expectations for the Brazilian GP after an impressive result last weekend in Mexico. However, the Australian driver seems to be having a mediocre race weekend so far. As the 34-year-old grew frustrated in the F1 Sprint as he lost P8 to Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz. Subsequently, Ricciardo ranted on his team radio.


The Australian driver was far from happy as Sainz claimed eighth place. Daniel Ricciardo criticized himself and apologized to his team for losing the position. Additionally, the 34-year-old blamed the powerful DRS after turn 2 for Sainz’s overtake, as it left drivers as a sitting duck. Certainly, a difficult drive.

It’s impossible. Anyway I’ll shut up. Sorry guys. It’s that fucking DRS in Turn 2. You pass in one and you just get f**ked.

Daniel Ricciardo said on team radio (as posted on X)

The Honey Badger was frustrated with himself for being overtaken after an enjoyable fight. The 34-year-old rant to the pitwall showed that he was really looking to make the most of the Sprint and get the one point awarded for P8. Unfortunately, Ricciardo will have to wait for the Sunday race to score points for AlphaTauri.

Daniel Ricciardo on an impressive comeback

Ricciardo won over the entire paddock last weekend in Mexico City when he out-qualified Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. The 34-year-old is now expected to be in the running to potentially replace Checo soon. With the Honey Badger looking to showcase his pace with more such results in the three remaining rounds of 2023.

Daniel Ricciardo driving the AlphaTauri at the US GP (Via IMAGO)
Daniel Ricciardo driving the AlphaTauri AT04 (Via IMAGO)

Daniel Ricciardo would be looking to make the most out of the AlphaTauri AT04 in the Brazilian GP. However, it will be a difficult drive for the 34-year-old as he starts from P17, behind teammate Yuki Tsunoda. Although, the Honey Badger would seemingly try and make his way to the front quickly.

Certainly, Daniel Ricciardo will aim to salvage at least a point or two in the Sunday race. The 34-year-old might be more comfortable with his car after the sprint. Although, it remains an uphill task for now. It remains to be seen if Ricciardo can truly bring home a decent result for the Red Bull sister team at the iconic Interlagos circuit.

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