Daniel Ricciardo throws shade at Max Verstappen for damning comments on Las Vegas GP as he guesses he ‘actually likes it but doesn’t want to admit it’

Daniel Ricciardo joins several other F1 paddock members as they continue to criticize Max Verstappen for his comments on the Las Vegas GP.

Daniel Ricciardo throws shade at Max Verstappen for damning comments on Las Vegas GP as he guesses he ‘actually likes it but doesn’t want to admit it’

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo (via Imago)

The inaugural Las Vegas GP, initially touted as the pinnacle of the 2023 calendar, faced significant challenges. Despite the hype, the Grand Prix weekend failed to meet the high expectations set by organizers themselves. The reality of the weekend failed to live up to the expectations right from the opening day. It all began with the cancellation of the FP1 session over a severe oversight in driver safety protocols, and then came the audience-less FP2 that landed the FIA into legal trouble.

Adding more salt to injury, F1 Champion Max Verstappen remained critical of the organizers throughout the Las Vegas GP debacle. The Red Bull driver directed his comments at the FIA and other Formula 1 organizing members. Verstappen’s remarks drew further attention, with several executives and paddock members expressing discontent over the Red Bull driver’s comments against the inaugural race.

Daniel Ricciardo, Verstappen’s former teammate added his opinions on the discussion. In his own charming and hilarious ways, commented against the Max Verstappen’s harsh comments. Ricciardo playfully referred to a ‘few drivers’ as he spoke on this topic, as reported by express.co.uk.

A few drivers have been a little bit ‘whatever’ about it. I think they’re just trying to rebel. Deep down they really like it, they just don’t want to admit it.

Max Verstappen’s unabashed and hilarious comments throughout the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend

The kickoff of the Las Vegas GP weekend turned disastrous with the cancellation of the FP1 session after just 8 minutes. A loose drain cover struck Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, causing significant damage and leading to the discovery of 30 more loose drain covers. The subsequent five-and-a-half-hour hiatus left the Grand Prix devoid of any on-track action. Adding to the dismay, spectators were shamefully evacuated from the grandstands as FP2 finally commenced without the presence of the loyal fans.

Max Verstappen (via imago)
Max Verstappen (via Imago)

This disastrous start to the highly anticipated Grand Prix weekend echoed the words expressed by current World Champion Max Verstappen regarding the inaugural race. Verstappen began his onslaught over the ‘show’ that Formula 1 put-up in conjunction with the race much before the opening day mismanagement. Verstappen claimed the Las Vegas GP to be “99 percent show and 1 percent sport.” 

He also had a sharp remark for the spectators only turning up at the circuit to drink and have fun rather than focus on the race, “I can go to Ibiza & get completely shitfaced & have a good time.” Despite his amusing critique and seemingly harsh remarks against the Las Vegas GP organizers, Verstappen triumphed spectacularly at the street circuit, claiming the race victory yet again as he sang ‘Viva Las Vegas’ across the chequered flag. Verstappen’s joyful singing might reflect what Ricciardo was trying to suggest through his smirky remark.