“Don’t underestimate Max Verstappen’s pace,” Peter Windsor warns rivals ahead of tricky wet conditions

Windsor also explains Max Verstappen being the best in the Wets.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

After the qualifying session in Canada, Max Verstappen went fastest to set his 2nd pole in this season, and with him on the front row is surprisingly Alpine’s Fernando Alonso. This is Alonso’s first front row start after Germany 2012; almost a decade. 

The Spaniard put on much competition for other faster cars on the grid during qualifying, and the team has much hopes for the race. Even though he has been underperforming for a long time, it is not to be forgotten that he is a 2 time F1 World Champion, and carries the experience of almost 2 decades in the sport. 

Watch: Max and Fernando star in Canada F1 qualifying by Peter Windsor

Peter Windsor, an F1 journalist, however, stated that Max Verstappen’s pace should be kept in mind as well. The Dutch has managed to win all of the races he has finished this season (minus 1) and is leading the World Championship with a huge lead. The mere pace of the Red Bulls and there team strategy are enough to put all the cars aside, lead, and win the race. Windsor, said in his YouTube video that he had much time advantage over Alonso. 

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Max Verstappen is better in wet conditions, according to Windsor

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen after winning the Baku GP

Peter also stated in his video that Max Verstappen finds new lines during a wet session and we all have seen Max outperform everyone, even Lewis Hamilton in 2021, during wet sessions. 

“I thought and what was really nice was to see Max in the full wet using the lines that we’ve come to know and love that he uses in the wet way around the outside usually looking for the grip,” GPBlog quoted Windsor. 

Peter also notably said that the top speed between the Mercedes, Alpine, and Red Bull was similar, but the downforce in the Red Bull cars is much better, as they did not even suffer from any porpoising, so they can send their car to maximum power without any worries. 

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