“Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong,” Lando Norris highlights the difficulties encountered in Montreal

Lando Norris critics over his performance in Montreal.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris thinks that the pedal cam trialled in Silverstone 'did not show much'.

Lando Norris managed P15 in the weekend where he hoped he could have managed a P5 finish but was eventually left empty-handed, Canadian Gp. The McLaren driver started his race at P14 after suffering from engine issues in Q2 and had to abort any of his runs, but he hoped for a race where he could attack and still finish places higher than he did, at least on the points. 

But things didn’t go as the young Brit planned and he was stuck behind a lot of drivers ultimately running his race, finishing in the same position he did in Bahrain. Though the Brit thinks the car was more capable to strike the driver in front, it was the driver who failed to do so.

“Montreal was, truth be told, a bit of a weekend from hell for us at McLaren,” McLaren Driver said. “It felt a bit like everything that could have gone wrong in Montreal did go wrong. In qualifying, we had an issue with the power unit which ruled me out of Q2.”

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Lando Norris Critics over his Canadian weekend.

McLaren's Double-Stack
The McLaren MCL36 during the double-stack.

Lando had trouble catching many drivers and he failed to do so, on the other hand, Daniel Ricciardo, Lando’s teammate managed another points finish ahead of his teammate in two consecutive weekends. 

“I think a points finish might just have been on the cards had everything gone perfectly in qualifying and on race day, but any number of drivers could say the same,” Norris said. Norris also had a very slow pitstop, because his team mixed the tyres leading the driver to wait there for eternity.

Daniel had trouble catching up with his teammate but things seem to take a turn now, he is P13 on the championship table with 15 points to his name. Lando is P7 with 50 points not much behind Lewis Hamilton on P6 with 77 points.

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