Ex-Alpine Chief-Technical Officer SLAMS the French team for the ‘lack of enthusiasm’ to get to the front of the grid

Pat Fry criticized Alpine's lack of drive and enthusiasm after leaving the team.

Ex-Alpine Chief-Technical Officer SLAMS the French team for the ‘lack of enthusiasm’ to get to the front of the grid

Alpine drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon (via IMAGO)

Ex-Alpine Chief Technical Officer departed from Alpine earlier this year to occupy the top technical role at Williams. After switching teams, Pat Fry has revealed the issues that he faced that pushed him to switch teams during the season unannounced.


Pat Fry talked about the reasons that forced him to leave Alpine in the season and he made some bold claims where he claimed that there was a lack of enthusiasm or the drive to move forward. He also revealed when he decided that it was time to stop and move on from the team.

But I didn't feel there was the enthusiasm or the drive to move forward beyond fourth. I decided at the start of March that I want to be pushing things forward, I don't just want to sit there and not be able to do things. So for me, that was time to stop and move on, really.
Fry said , as reported by autosport.com.

Fry also revealed other issues at Alpine and claimed that the team was not set up to push hard enough to improve their position. Although the team mentioned improving positions but also highlighted the difference between achieving it and just simply saying it.

It's one of those things, I think as a company, they weren't almost set up to push hard enough, you can say you want to be first. But the difference between saying it and achieving it, is monumental, as we all know.

Pat Fry also revealed the two months of convincing James Vowles to join Williams

Pat Fry had also mentioned that joining Williams was not an easy task. He was communicating back and forth with James Vowles prior to revealing his position within Williams. After leaving Alpine it took a couple of months to convince James Vowles according to Fry.

Pat Fry.
Pat Fry (via X, @WilliamsRacing)

Fry also talked about the dreams and aspirations that he had with Williams and further claimed that he was excited about the switch because of the board was fully on board with improving Williams. He exclaimed that the team was willing to invest what it took to push the team forward.

The Briton officer had helped Alpine gain a lot of momentum and hence improve their position on the grid. And Williams hopes that he uses the same motivation and force to help the team gain some positions and go back to their old winning ways on the grid. Fry is bringing some great experience and skills to the table to Williams.

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