Exciting news for F1 fans as Max Verstappen drops huge update on his Drive to Survive Season 5 involvement

Max Verstappen is going to be more involved in Netflix's Drive to Survive Season 5

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

According to reigning F1 World Champion Max Verstappen, he and the makers of Drive to Survive have reached a “good understanding,” and viewers can anticipate seeing a little bit more of him in the upcoming episodes. The Dutch driver declined to compete in last year’s series because he thought it had been altered to create the appearance of conflicts between specific drivers. He also thought the docufiction series had been “ruined after season one” as a consequence.

The docufiction series has received a lot of praise for contributing to the motorsport’s growth, particularly in America, where three races will be held next season with historic TV viewership and attendance during race weekends. Verstappen claimed he did not want to see himself or other drivers portrayed in a misleading or more unfavourable image because of that higher access in America and throughout the world.

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More Max Verstappen appearances in Drive to Survive Season 5

Formula 1's Drive to Survive
Formula 1’s Drive to Survive

After making fun of his absence from Drive to Survive last year, Verstappen disclosed that he has spoken to Netflix and is inclined to be seen more in the fifth season of the show. Verstappen was on the Pardon My Take podcast with Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez. The Mexican quipped when Drive to Survive was brought up. Verstappen said that he “loved” the show.

“I’m not going to be too negative about it now. Because I mean, in the meantime, of course, I’ve talked to the people who are in charge, and who are running the show. So I think we actually came to a good understanding for the future, but up until now, that’s why of course last year, I was not really involved,” said Verstappen regarding making appearances in the hit Netflix series.

“I think there were a few things where I was not really happy with and especially, you know, faking rivalries between drivers that for me, is a tough one because of course, that one it was [shown] in America, but also, I think sometimes they portray a few drivers differently to how they actually are. And then of course, the people who are new to F1 think ‘oh, this guy is a bit of a d*ck’ or whatever, right, which in real life he’s not,” concluded the Red Bull driver.

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