“F1 is for constructors and not drivers,” Nikita Mazepin belives Lewis Hamilton is paying for Mercedes’ mistakes

Nikita Mazepin opens up being in a slower F1 car in the sport

Former Haas driver Nikita Mazepin
Former Haas driver Nikita Mazepin

The 2021 season saw a lot many things, with Mercedes’ dominance ending Red Bull, to rookie drivers like Nikita Mazepin, Mick Schumacher, and Yuki Tsunoda entering the sport. Both of the drivers got into the Haas F1 team, and if it already wasn’t a gamble for the team to have 2 new drivers on the steering wheel, it somehow turned out to be not such a good year for them. Both of the drivers tried their best, but the entire year they kept getting lapped by other cars, and the season ended with the team scoring 0 points. In the midst of this, continuous crashes from Nikita Mazepin made the team suffer a lot of financial loss. 

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Nikita Mazepin was let go from the team at the start of the season and was replaced by Kevin Magnussen, but Nikita believes that it wasn’t his fault that the team suffered so badly, it was mostly the car’s fault. He stated that he finished P19 and P20 in most of the races, and he is faster than that, he just didn’t have the right car. It is iconic to point out that at the same time, Mazepin spun more times than he had race starts in the season. 

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Nikita Mazepin believes that F1 is a “specific sport”

Lewis Hamilton (Left) & Nikita Mazepin (Right)
Lewis Hamilton (Left) & Nikita Mazepin (Right)

After all of this, Mazepin believes that F1 is more a sport for the team rather for the drivers, as GPBlog quoted his statement; “It proves once again that Formula 1 is a very specific sport. Last season I was in nineteenth and twentieth place and I know I am faster than that. But if the car doesn’t quite fit you, or is poorly developed or not developed at all, you’re screwed.”

To support his statement, he gave Lewis Hamilton’s example, of how he was ruling and dominating the sport until last year, and now, with the less competitive Mercedes W13, Hamilton is struggling. However, it must be noted that even with the much affected car, the Briton has scored two podiums until now, and has 77 points in his bag. 

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