“Season is going to be mind-numbingly boring”- Fans fear the worst as Max Verstappen reportedly hid true pace of RB-20 in pre-season testing

Max Verstappen will likely dominate the 2024 season as reports emerge of the Dutchman not showcasing the full potential of the RB-20 in pre-season testing.

“Season is going to be mind-numbingly boring”- Fans fear the worst as Max Verstappen reportedly hid true pace of RB-20 in pre-season testing

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO). Red Bull RB-20 (Via @PaulBridgen/X)

The first race of the 2024 season would commence in just under a week away as the teams conclude the three days of testing sessions. During the sessions, Max Verstappen and Red Bull produced great pace and performance throughout with the radically-designed RB-20. As a result, Milton Keynes would likely dominate the 2024 campaign as well and reportedly, Verstappen wasn’t on full power during the sessions either.


The Dutchman reportedly was running on extra amounts of fuel compared to other teams during the session, which increased the weight of the chassis. Verstappen was on 85kgs of fuel load and hence gave the driver a disadvantage over other drivers running low amounts of fuel. Regardless, the 26-year-old still managed to bring about great results and time during the session, further proving the great pace of the challenger. Max Verstappen praised Red Bull for pushing the limit with its new car.

Apart from this, Verstappen was also running the engine on a low hybrid mode. According to reports, the Dutchman wasn’t using the RB20 to its full potential during the testing sessions and hence the car could produce more pace. Regardless of the hybrid mode, the reigning world champion finished first in the testing session, and hence the RB20 might be quicker than the record-breaking RB19.

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Fans share their opinions over Max Verstappen not unlocking his full potential

In a recent tweet on X, multiple fans shared their amazement at the fact that Verstappen wasn’t showcasing his full potential in the testing session. One fan mentioned that the season didn’t even begin yet and it was over before commencement. Another fan commented that the other teams on the grid were ‘screwed’ as they had no chance against the dominant Milton Keynes.

Max Verstappen driving the RB-20 in pre-season testing
Max Verstappen driving the RB-20 in pre-season testing (Via IMAGO)

The majority of the fans were afraid of a repeat of the 2023 season where Ferrari was the only non-Red Bull winner down the season. One fan added that they were excited to see who ended up in the second as Verstappen would likely finish in first for the championship. Another fan exclaimed that the season would be ‘mind numbingly boring’ because of the repeated race winner down the season.

Aero-genius Adrian Newey has done a great job once again at developing a championship-winning chassis for the 2024 season. Hence, time will tell about how the season pans out for the rival teams against Milton Keynes. The majority of the teams on the grid were close to Red Bull’s pace towards the end of the 2023 season.

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