“A heart of gold” – Fans gush over Mercedes for their wholesome clip of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell meeting a superfan

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton surprised a differently abled fan in the best way possible and created a memory of a lifetime for him.

“A heart of gold” – Fans gush over Mercedes for their wholesome clip of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell meeting a superfan

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton surprising a crippled fan (via X, @MercedesAMGF1)

The season’s culmination marked a mediocre season for Mercedes. However, the team keeps winning hearts off-the grid as Lewis Hamilton and George Russell react very kindly towards a physically challenged superfan of Mercedes.

During a regular fan forum, the two drivers were talking about the season at the open live press conference with masses in attendance. Meanwhile, Russell and Hamilton put a sweet touch from their own side nearing the end of the sessions.


A wheelchair conditioned fan was trying to photobomb himself alongside the two drivers during the live press conference. However, to the fan’s surprise, both the British drivers were quick to notice the superfan trying to take the picture. Hence, the two drivers rewarded the fan with a memory of a lifetime.

George and Hamilton quickly rushed to the fan and clicked a picture with them in it together. Additionally, Lewis Hamilton added to the surprise by saying that the fan deserves some Mercedes kit and merchandise for being such a great fan.


The Mercedes crew immediately started to prepare the surprise kit for the superfan. The fan received a Mercedes jacket and a neon T-shirt in a Mercedes AMG Petronas advertised paper bag. This wasn’t all he received, in the bag there was also a Mercedes F1 cap. The cap was signed by both Russell and Hamilton and was subsequently gifted to the fan.

Fans reacted to this heartwarming gesture from Mercedes

In a recent tweet on X, fans were quick to take a note of the wholesome gesture from the British driver. Multiple fans called the moment as ‘wholesome moment’ and rightly so. Other fans flourished Lewis Hamilton with compliments as he initiated the idea of gifting the fan a shirt and Mercedes merchandise on behalf of the team. Another fan added that this was the reason that this team was loved by everyone.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell meeting the fan.
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell meeting the fan (via X, @MercedesAMGF1).

Other fans commented that the team and the drivers had a heart of gold due to this gesture. Some fans added that this gesture was very amazing and sweet from the team. The entire comment section is filled with hearts and praises for the team. A particular fan talked about the moment for the fan and said that it was a dream for them to have such a moment with the two Mercedes drivers.


Despite facing a difficult season in F1, the team does not stop making the fans happy regardless of the result. The team now aims at creating a more capable W15 next season and hopes to return back to their old winning ways. However, for the winter-break the team keeps on continuing the sweet gestures and moments with their lovely fans.

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