“Difficulties arise when expectation does not match deliverables” – Mike Krack explains why Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin will be “quite difficult to manage”

Fernando Alonso has been the talk of the town among fans after the summer break when he announced he would be leaving Alpine.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso has been the talk of the town among fans after the summer break when he announced he would be leaving Alpine and joining Aston Martin on a multi-year contract next season onwards. This piece of news shocked the f1 community and discussions popped up on all forums as to whether this decision would hurt his career in the long run.

The main reason this news shocked fans was because of the current standings between the teams on the grid. While Alpine may not be at the front of the grid right now they are doing considerably well for themselves in the midfield and are leaps and bounds better than the Aston Martin team.

Fernando Alonso is one of the oldest and most experienced drivers on the grid and is respected by the fans and everyone in the community. Despite being 42 years old. he has the will and fire to aim for another world title and his move to Aston Martin shows exactly that. He believes that he can help reshape Aston Martin and bring it to the front of the grid. The fans while skeptical of his move are curious to see how he will perform and shape the team for next season.

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Mike Krack talks about Aston Martin’s future with Fernando Alonso

Mike Krack
Mike Krack and Fernando Alonso

During the summer break, Fernando Alonso shook the F1 community when he announced that he will be leaving Alpine next season to move to Aston Martin. This news came after Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement at the end of the season, Alonso saw this as an opportunity and signed a multi-year contract with Aston Martin from next season onwards.

Mike Krack, the team principal of Aston Martin was asked about his plans with Alonso next season to which he replied saying, “We think having someone like Fernando is really, really important to make the next step as a team.” he continued, “You need to learn to manage champions, which we already did with Sebastian. Because these drivers are very demanding, they are quite difficult to manage. I would not even say Sebastian is that difficult to manage if you are transparent, honest and straight. And I think the same goes for Fernando.

The fans greatly criticised Alonso’s decision since Aston Martin has been at the bottom of the grid this whole season with the exception of Williams and fans don’t expect much from the team next season as well. However, Alonso sees potential in the team and looks forward to reshaping it.

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