Ferrari will NOT bring any major upgrades to Silverstone

As reports now indicate, Ferrari will not be bringing any major upgrades to Silverstone.

Check out the part replacements made by Ferrari and other teams before the race.

Ferrari have not lacked speed these past few races, but sometimes other factors have failed: In Spain and Azerbaijan, reliability failed them, and in Monaco, they made a strategic error. Due to the reliability problems, Leclerc started from the back in Canada, and his strategy was also compromised by the safety cars.

Carlos Sainz, meanwhile, also experienced the misfortune of this kind. When the safety car came out on lap 50, the team pit him for hard tires, which was well and fine, but the problem occurred when the safety car stayed out for 4 laps more than that. If Ferrari had known this, they would have pitted him for medium tires instead, which would have given him a definitive pace advantage over Max Verstappen, who was on older hard tires.

Another major development in Canada was that Charles Leclerc ran the new low-load rear wing, which was originally meant for Silverstone. While it provided them with better straight-line speed, at times, Leclerc seemed to be struggling for traction. Carlos Sainz will receive the new rear-wing in Silverstone.

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Ferrari will bring adaptations to the car for Silverstone

Ferrari and Red Bull
Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari F1-75, chasing down Max Verstappen in Canada

As reported by Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, Ferrari will not be bringing any major upgrades to Silverstone, aside from the rear wing for Sainz. Earlier reports had indicated that Ferrari were bringing a ‘big’ upgrade package to Silverstone, but it appears that will not be the case.

Silverstone is a track where tire degradation and speed are essential, and aerodynamic efficiency is a key element to be worked upon. While Red Bull seemed to be the better car in this aspect a few races ago, lately, Ferrari have introduced updates to the car and reduced the car’s drag, and its margin to Red Bull.

Instead of bringing a big upgrade package, Ferrari will feature adaptations to the car to make it more in line with Silverstone. While Red Bull are reported to be working on reducing the car’s weight (which will increase their speed by a few tenths), Christian Horner recently stated that they will not be bringing major upgrades to Silverstone either, which may mean that the updates will come later.

On the other hand, Mercedes are bringing upgrades to Silverstone, which they hope will bring them closer to the other two, and hope they will be able to compete for the victory in the home race of the two Mercedes drivers. There is certainly potential for a three-way battle at the front.

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