Ex-Haas boss Guenther Steiner claims Lewis Hamilton ‘can win an eighth world championship’ at Ferrari 

Lewis Hamilton has been making his trade in F1 with Mercedes since 2013.

Ex-Haas boss Guenther Steiner claims Lewis Hamilton ‘can win an eighth world championship’ at Ferrari 

Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Guenther Steiner (Via: Imago)

At the start of February, the news of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari in 2025 came to light. The British driver finally took a leap of faith and decided to put to use the exit clause in his current contract with Mercedes. Many had thought that Hamilton might stay with Mercedes till retirement but perhaps the seven-time world champion wanted to claim his eighth with the Maranello-based team. Former Haas boss, Guenther Steiner feels the Brit can achieve his target with Ferrari.


With the current Mercedes situation, it looks quite impossible for Hamilton and Co. to pull off another championship. The team is currently struggling due to its W15. Perhaps, the Brit saw this coming beforehand and decided to switch to the historic Italian team for next year.

The former Haas team principal, Guenther Steiner, believes Hamilton has made the right decision.

It looks like he is making the right decision. He did it when he left McLaren to go to Mercedes, so maybe he got this one right as well. If he gets a little bit of luck and is in the right place, if Ferrari produces a good car, it could be possible that he gets his eighth championship.
Guenther Steiner via: Sky sports

Steiner has made it quite clear that in his opinion, Lewis Hamilton will have every chance of winning his eighth world championship at Ferrari if the team produces a solid car. The SF-24 is performing really well this year and the team seems to have fixed the issues it faced with last year’s challenger


The cause of Lewis Hamilton’s engine failure at the Australian GP is unknown

Mercedes’s new challenger, the W15 is pushing the team’s future into utter darkness. On lap 17 of the Australian GP, Hamilton suffered a catastrophic engine failure forcing him out of the race. The team has already been struggling to find solutions for the issues with the car and amidst all this, Hamilton’s engine issue has left Mercedes scratching its head.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton ( Image via IMAGO)

While talking to the media regarding Lewis Hamilton’s Albert Park woes, technical director, James Allison gave a fascinating take!

We do not. The Power Units will return to the safe hands of the guys at Brixworth, who will be able to figure out what let go. All we know is the symptoms at the time, which was a rapid loss of oil pressure followed by a shutdown of the engine to protect it because when you know you've got catastrophic loss like that, the best thing you can do for the future is kill it there and then.
James Allison said: crash.net

The Brackley-based team had a double DNF at the Australian GP. The team is trying to solve the fundamental issues with the car and has thus, put its entire focus toward it. The Japanese GP weekend is just around the corner and considering this, it will be fascinating to see how Mercedes’s W15 will perform at the Suzuka International Racing Circuit.

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