“He declares me crazy,” Max Verstappen ‘does not approve’ of Jos Verstappen’s rallying stint

Jos Verstappen has recently revealed that Max Verstappen is not a big fan of seeing him do rallying events.

Jos Verstappen and Max Verstappen
Jos Verstappen and Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has recently given his verdict on father Jos Verstappen’s decision to do rallying events and believes that it is a bit risky to be doing such races given his age.

Jos Verstappen, this year, has done quite a few rallying events and is enjoying his time in doing so. Moreover, the 50-year-old, because of his commitments no longer gets much time to spend in the F1 paddock to see Max Verstappen do his thing on a regular basis.

Jos Verstappen during Max’s early years in F1 was always present in order to help his son hone his skills as a driver, however, as Verstappen senior has again found his love for racing, the 24-year-old these days is usually on his own during Grand Prix weekends.

Verstappen senior is finding a lot of joy in rallying and while talking about his absence from the F1 paddock said, “No, I just rolled into this. But it’s true that I was a bit more involved in the beginning than I am now.

I took my steps back, but then it’s nice when you have a challenge of your own. Don’t get me wrong: I just have a great time at home, with my family and children. But to then also sit at home all day… I do need that challenge, so to speak.”

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Max Verstappen’s take on his father’s rallying decision

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Jos Verstappen is having the time of his life doing rallying events, and Max Verstappen who is currently leading the 2022 F1 Championship believes that his father is a bit crazy to do rallying events at his age.

Jos during his recent interview shed light on what Max thinks of his rallying adventure and said, “He declares me crazy, he likes it but driving so close to those trees, he doesn’t like it. But I think I had that too when I was that young. That will come. He’s busy with other things now.

Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen
Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen

Jos has revealed that Max is not a huge fan of seeing him do rallying as he feels that is way too risky at 50 years of age to be going around trees at fast speeds.

However, Jos is happy doing rallying, and the way he has talked about his new love, it does not seem as if he is going to stop anytime soon.

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