“Hooligan Herta,” Lando Norris has a nickname for potential future teammate Colton Herta

Lando Norris and Colton Herta might also pair up for Mclaren in the 2024 season after the Contract for Ricciardo ends.

Colton Herta

Lando Norris is now one of the stars in Formula 1, he is considered to be among the best of the young generation. In the inaugural Miami Grand Prix Lando met his teammate and friend from the days of his first single-seaters, Colton Herta.

Colton is a seven-time race winner in Indy Car and is considered to be one of the best young talents in the sport. He still has an ambition to race in Formula 1 but also has a safe future in Indy as well. The Indy winner was a teammate and a competitor of Lando in 2014-15.

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Lando also had a nickname for his old teammate, “Hooligan Herta” just because Colton used to have an incredible skill for high-speed corners.

His nickname is ‘Hooligan Herta’. Because there’s one place he was extremely strong and that’s high-speed corners.”

Lando Norris and ‘Hooligan’ to pair for McLaren?

Colton Herta and Daniel Ricciardo
Lando Norris and ‘Hooligan’ to pair for Mclaren

As Daniel Ricciardo’s contract ends in 2023, Mclaren will definitely search for a possible replacement for his seat. Colton could be the successor team might go for, he already has that bond with Lando and also knows how to win races.

Colton also came in contact with Sauber for the seat of 2022, which would have worked out if  Michael Andretti would have purchased the operator.

Herta is also now a part of the developing team for Mclaren is will get an outing with 2021 MCL35.

With all the praises received from Lando, he isn’t far from being a part of the Mclaren team. Recently in Miami Lando met Herta and said he was happy to see him again after they spent two years as teammates and later set parts to different forms of motorsport.

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“I grew up with him when I was younger for a good year and a half, two years. And just a bit crazy. A bit of a hooligan. It’s just nice to see him again. Nice to see him, from where we were back in 2014, 2015, to now myself being in Formula 1 and of course him winning races and being one of the stars in IndyCar, so yeah…hooligans.”

We might see the duo get back together but this time fighting for the world championship.

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