Helmut Marko confirms ‘there will be a general discussion’ on his future with Red Bull

Even after being 80-year-old, Helmut Marko wishes to continue to serve Red Bull as the advisor.

Helmut Marko confirms ‘there will be a general discussion’ on his future with Red Bull

Helmut Marko with Christian Horner and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

The director of Red Bull, Helmut Marko has been with the team for a very long time. Although the Austrian had faced a lot of repercussions for these comments and statements, the 80-year-old continues to be within Red Bull for another year.


In a recent interview, Helmut Marko, who recently got into trouble for insensitive comments about Sergio Perez, opened up about his future and dreams going forward with Red Bull. The 80-year-old insisted that there will be talks and ‘general discussion’ about his future within the team as he is also nearing a very old age to be working for extended periods in F1.

After the season there will be a general discussion about what I do. It’s common for people to discuss what’s going to happen in the future after a season, that’s how it’s always been

Marko said, in an interview on oe24.at.

Additionally, during the Las Vegas GP day one, drivers and teams had to be awake and on the track till 4 am just for a single practice session. However, Marko addressed this as well and added that he had the strength to continue as before. He also talked about the surprisingly great shape that he was in during the midnight sessions.

I have the strength to (carry on as before). In Las Vegas (with training sessions until four in the morning local time, ed.) I was in surprisingly good shape and better than most.

Helmut Marko claimed Max Verstappen can break more records

In the same interview, Marko further applauded the three-time world champion Max Verstappen for his dominant and perfect run in the 2023 season of F1. But he also highlighted areas where Verstappen could improve. Additionally, Marko exclaimed that Max Verstappen had the potential to break more records in Formula 1 if he was provided with an equal opportunity like in this season.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (via F1)

However, Marko was not hesitant in commenting that Verstappen would probably not be able to replicate this season’s performance winning 21 races out of the 22 races. The advisor also talked about the single loss from Red Bull in Singapore and claimed that they could have had performed better if they paid attention to simulator results.

Helmut Marko’s advice within the team is seen as valuable for the team. As the team continues and pushes through to the next season, Marko also confirms his position within Red Bull as an advisor for atleast the next year. After this, a discussion will decide his future within the team.

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