Helmut Marko claims ‘the Max Verstappen factor’ is root to Red Bull’s impressive dominance in F1 2023 season

Helmut Marko still isn't done with complimenting the reigning World Champion Max Verstappen over the dominant performance.

Helmut Marko claims ‘the Max Verstappen factor’ is root to Red Bull’s impressive dominance in F1 2023 season

Helmut Marko with Christian Horner and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Dutch lion Max Verstappen had a season of sheer dominance in 2023 as he shattered multiple records that were previously held by legendary F1 racers. Verstappen singlehandedly won 19 races in the season out of the 22 that were held, and successfully amassed the title of being the most dominant driver ever in the history of Formula 1. Chief Advisor at Red Bull, Helmut Marko, also cheered the reigning World Champion over his impressive row of conquests in 2023.

While speaking at a recent interview, Helmut Marko recalled the death of Red Bull’s forefather Dietrich Mateschitz in 2022. The Austrian exclaimed how it was a shame that Mateschitz would not be able to experience a domination like Verstappen’s. He also openly wondered if such a domination would be possible ever again in Formula 1.


There were many wonderful victories and also world titles. But it is a shame that he is no longer allowed to experience this performance from the team and especially from the Max. Something like this year is unique. Who knows if that is possible again.

Marko said, as reported by oe24.at.

Marko also highlighted the crucial part of the dominance from Verstappen. The 80-year-old revealed that the Max Verstappen factor was the crux of the dominance and finally people were getting it. He also applauded the team and the highly-motivated team to successfully carry out one of the most dominant seasons in F1.

We have a great car and a top motivated team. But the crucial point for this dominance, and more and more people are slowly getting it, is the Max Verstappen factor

Helmut Marko’s future within Red Bull would be discussed by the team

The 80-year-old advisor revealed that his contract was sealed until the end of the 2024 season. However, Marko still displayed optimism over further extending his contract beyond the season as he wished to serve the team for longer. Additionally, Marko talked about a potential discussions over his future within the team.

Helmut Marko
Helmut Marko (via IMAGO)

Marko added that after the culmination of the season, a general discussion with the top-roles in the team will decide his future within the team. He further exclaimed how it was common to discuss what’s going to happen in the future after a season. However, the 80-year-old still isn’t done with serving Red Bull.


Max Verstappen’s dominance was surely a spectacle to watch for all the fans around the world. After dominating the entire grid over the year, Verstappen has set an impossible barrier to cross for future drivers to match if not break records set by the dominant Dutchman. The team aims at replicating a similar performance for the next season with the two drivers.

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