Helmut Marko details why Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen can never be teammates 

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are among the top 3 drivers in F1.

Helmut Marko details why Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen can never be teammates 

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Helmut Marko (via IMAGO)

Lately, a rumor about Lewis Hamilton possibly teaming up with Max Verstappen at Red Bull set tongues wagging. While the notion of these fierce rivals sharing the same garage seemed like a storyline from a parallel F1 universe, Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has emphatically shut down the possibility.

The chatter gained momentum after Christian Horner hinted at talks with Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, about a potential Red Bull seat. Speculations soared, fueled by Red Bull’s stellar season and Mercedes’ challenges, as whispers suggested Hamilton might be eyeing a championship-winning team.


Speaking to OE24, Helmut Marko categorically dismissed the possibility, citing the intense 2021 rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton. Marko asserted that their bitter history would preclude any chance of such an occurrence. He said:

Verstappen and Hamilton in one team, that doesn't work. For Max, what happened in 2021 is too deep.

Verstappen and Hamilton engaged in a fierce 2021 rivalry, culminating in a dramatic showdown. Their amicable competition soured at Silverstone when a collision sent Verstappen into barriers at Copse Corner, resulting in a 51G crash. Tensions escalated as Hamilton celebrated his home victory while Verstappen was hospitalized, adding a bitter note to their once-normal competition.

Helmut Marko lauds Max Verstappen’s prowess, stating he’d make the difference even with equal rival teams

As the Verstappen-Hamilton saga fades, Helmut Marko shed light on Red Bull’s triumphs and rivals’ struggles. Reflecting on Mercedes’ first winless season since 2011, Marko playfully exclaims, firmly asserting Red Bull’s dominance,

Well boom, was it that long ago? We don't want to intervene to help.
Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen
Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen (Credits: GPFans)

Marko attributes their significant success to competitors unable to match them in the long term, indicating a firm lead. Looking ahead optimistically, he expresses the hope to continue with that momentum. Acknowledging Verstappen as the potential game-changer, Marko notes that if another team manages to be on equal terms, then Max Verstappen will make the difference.

Red Bull notched an extraordinary 21 wins in 2023, with Verstappen securing 19 of those triumphs. Meanwhile, Mercedes, in a fierce tussle with Ferrari, narrowly secured the runner-up position. As the season concludes and rumors dissipate, Formula 1 enters a winter hibernation. Teams are poised to make the most of the next 90 days, gearing up to challenge Red Bull in 2024.

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