Helmut Marko mocks Lewis Hamilton’s back pain stunt in Baku: ‘He got out of the car because he had to go to the podium’

Helmut Marko is not delighted about Lewis Hamilton's antics.

Helmut and Marko
Helmut and Marko
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Lewis Hamilton has been the one driver who has suffered the most physical discomfort caused by proposing this season and because of its recurring nature hasn’t been happy with his W13.

Lewis Hamilton had a bad time in Azerbaijan where the porpoising on the Brit’s car was incessant and he was seen saying on the radio, “My back is killing me guys.” At the end of the race, Hamilton got out of the car holding his back which brought a lot of attention to him and the discomfort caused by porpoising.

Hamilton’s teammate George Russell has also been very local about the ill effects of porpoising and after Baku, the young Brit asked the FIA to look into the problem as soon as possible.

Given the uproar created by various drivers, the FIA had no choice but to look for solutions and after serious consultations with pilots and specialized doctors, the FIA decided to set numerical parameters of jumps after which the car was not going to be allowed to run.

Formula1 and FIA
Formula 1 and FIA

The new derivative was very sudden on part of the FIA and many team Principals and people in the paddock were not happy with the solution nor with the timing of the announcement.

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Lewis Hamilton had his best race in Canada

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

The 2022 season for Mercedes has been full of ups and downs and in Hamilton’s case, there have been more bad days at the office as compared to good ones.

The Brit hasn’t been able to put in consistent performances like this teammate George Russell who has finished in the top 5 in every race of the season so far.

But everything changed for Hamilton during the Canadian Grand Prix as after struggling on Friday, the 37-year-old was all of a sudden able to extract massive performance from the W13 and was able to finish in third place.

After the race, Hamilton was ecstatic and indicated that during the race he did not face any physical discomfort while zooming around on the Montreal street circuit.

Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko
Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko

Red Bull’s team adviser Helmut Marko got wind of the comment made by Hamilton and jokingly said, “It seemed to me that Hamilton got out of the car quickly today. When you have to go to the podium it is much easier.”

Marko in his cheeky fashion took a dig and indicated the fact that Hamilton all of a sudden had a spring in his steps after finishing on the podium whereas on other occasions he has been nothing but a crybaby.

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