Helmut Marko displeased with new FIA directive; suspects Mercedes had ‘insider’ information

Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, that Mercedes may have had insider information regarding the new FIA technical directive.

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Prior to the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, the FIA announced a new technical directive, aimed to reduce the effects of porpoising (or bouncing) on the health of the drivers. This came after a rocky Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell all complained of porpoising.

All drivers will certainly be pleased that steps are being taken for their long-term benefit and that the porpoising should hopefully become less of an issue for them. However, not everyone was pleased. This is understandable, as everyone suffered different levels of porpoising. Mercedes and Ferrari both suffered porpoising, but it was not as detrimental to Ferrari’s performance as it was to Mercedes. Ferrari are not pleased with the directive.

With the directive, the FIA allowed teams to add an extra rod from the chassis to the floor for support. No one was ready to institute that part, except Mercedes. Red Bull have not particularly struggled with porpoising at all this season. So this technical directive should not have a major effect on their performance, but they are not pleased with the verdict regardless.

Christian Horner criticized the technical directive, accusing them of favoring a particular team (Mercedes) with it. Max Verstappen has also spoken out against it, and as reported by GPBlog, Helmut Marko is not happy either.

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Helmut Marko points to Mercedes “That team has to solve those problems itself”

Helmut Marko
Helmut Marko

In a recent interview with Motorsport, Marko implied that Mercedes had been ‘tipped off’ or given insider information about the directive, which is why they had the part ready so quickly. Marko said:

“When the technical directive came out it was clear that there would not be enough time to supply such a part, so yes.” and Marko added, clarifying his statement, implying that Mercedes were given insider information: “Otherwise, you can’t explain what happened.”

Marko continued, criticizing the FIA’s technical directive, and feeling that they had favored a particular team (Mercedes) with it, much like Christian Horner had earlier.

“It’s because one team has problems. That team has to solve those problems itself, in any case, it should have no effect on other teams. We already have rules for it and those rules apply to everyone. If anyone can’t fix it, that’s their own problem.”

Mercedes did not have as much bouncing in Canada, likely as a result of the new technical directive. It remains to be seen if now their performance will improve, having overcome the source of most of their woes. Earlier, Lewis Hamilton had in fact stated that he wants to compete for the win at his home race in Silverstone.

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