“He’s actually too easy and accepting of the orders, Alex Wurz advises Sergio Perez to get his elbows out

The former F1 driver has stated that Sergio Perez is too ready to accept any team orders.

Alex Wurz & Sergio Perez
Alex Wurz & Sergio Perez
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Sergio Perez is famously known as the “Mexican minister of defense,” because of the ultimate way he defends other cars behind him, but most of the time, he does not do it for himself to win the race, but for his teammate, Max Verstappen. 

In the 2021 season, where Max had a cut-throat competition with Lewis Hamilton and it all came down to the Abu Dhabi GP, Sergio Perez’s ultimate team work made Verstappen chase Hamilton down, most of the time. 

Sergio Perez signed his deal with Red Bull as the number 2 driver, and many times in the history of the sport, number 2 drivers have supported their main driver by letting them pass or making up a clear track for them. 

Perez has always been good at this task, however, Alex Wurz, former F1 driver said that he (Checo) sometimes can be “too following” for the team orders, especially after the event in the Spanish Grand Prix, where he was leading the race and was asked by his team to let Verstappen pass for the win. 

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Ted Kravitz stated the other day that this is the world of a number 2 driver, and that you always have to help your teammate whatsoever. 

However, Wurz has a few words to share, as he said on the F1 podcast, “he’s fully right to talk.”

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“He was right to raise his voice,” Alex on Perez’s reaction to the orders. 

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eqamSergio Perez & Max Verstappen in Spain

Sergio Perez accepted the team orders at once, but he did mention that it was unfair what Red Bull were doing. 

“That’s very unfair, but okay,” said the Mexican when he was asked Verstappen to pass in the Spanish Grand Prix.”

“I mean, he is mega team player and to an extent that, at some points, I think he’s actually too easy and accepting some of the orders. You need to be a bit edgy, you need to put your elbows out.

“He proved for the team already when he was fighting for the World Championship in Abu Dhabi for Max,” said Wurz,” quoted by PlanetF1.

“But I felt it was right to raise the voice. He executed as the team asked him, but man, he came out with new tyres and then he had to help back, when actually the race was critical for him to use the new tyre for the fast lap times. And at this point, he had to stay back.”

At the same time, Alex Wurz also said that it might feel frustrating as of now, but it is a great result for the team. 

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