“He’s rather fed up,” Martin Brundle talks about Max Verstappen’s “short fuse” after the Spanish GP.

Former F1 driver takes on Max Verstappen's short temper.

Martin Brundle & Max Verstappen
Martin Brundle & Max Verstappen

The Spanish Grand Prix went into Max Verstappen’s way even after he faced some rough issues, and even though Red Bull were able to solve the technical errors, Verstappen sounded quite furious on the team radio. 

Max Verstappen, the Dutch racer for Red Bull, and the reigning World Champion, is known for his aggressive style of driving and his short temper. Although he seems pretty much calm headed in interviews, but on the track he seems more heated up than the engine temperatures of his car. 

Martin Brundle, a former British racer and now a reporter and commentator in F1, highlighted Verstappen’s “short fused” temper while he is out on the track.

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Even in the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen faced issues with his car. Just as he could’ve led the race, a gust of wind at turn 4 took away all the downforce from his car, causing him to spin out, and later when he was battling with George Russell for his position, his DRS stopped working, the same error which caused him pole position in qualifying. 

Verstappen was furious on the radio, meanwhile his team principal, Christian Horner kept his patience and his team worked on the issue. Although his DRS had started to work, it was hardly reliable. 

“…because I’m pressing it 50 f*cking times!” said Verstappen on the radio after Horner told him that he may have closed the DRS last time around. He was also advised to press the DRS button after taking the kerbs. 

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The reliability issues cause him to be so short tempered, according to Brundle.

Max Verstappen in Imola
Max Verstappen in Imola

Martin Brundle said that Verstappen’s reason for still being so short tempered is because he is fed up with the reliability issues in the car. He had to retire early from races because of engine issues, and this week in Spain, he could not get another chance for pole in qualifying and had much trouble overtaking Russell following the issue with the rear wing in his car. 

“He’s rather fed up with a catalogue of reliability issue (…) his temper still has a relatively short fuse, as we saw for example in the brake testing of Hamilton in Saudi Arabia last year,” Brundle said, quoted by GPBlog

After an intense battle with the Mercedes and being let go by his teammate, Max Verstappen finished the Grand Prix first to take the lead in the championship battle with Charles Lecler. He leads with 110 points over 104 of Charles Leclerc’s. 

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