Ferrari reports problems with Charles Leclerc’s car in Spain that “cannot be repaired”

Ferrari's Budget cap needs a shuffle after the Spanish Grand Prix.

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc suffered a major blow in the Spanish Grand Prix suffering his first DNF of the season, getting down to the second position in the Championship, six points behind Max Verstappen.

Credits for his DNF were thought to be an engine failure as he lost all the power and had to pit for a retirement. On the other hand, Red Bull managed another strong 1-2 finish.

The root problem after the research was found to be the MGU-H and Turbo being damaged beyond repair. The Ferrari team are satisfied it wasn’t any reliability issues or Design fault that caused the power failure for Charles.

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MGU-H or Motor Generator unit – Heat is an evolved version of the turbochargers used as a special component in the hybrid-electric internal combustion engine providing the engine with the electric energy the car needs. Using the exhaust gasses or the heat released by the engine, generating electricity it also works as a motor for that extra power the new Formula 1 is accustomed to.

The question still stays is how did the damage occur if it was not the design or reliability that caused it, the team needs to search for more information that dethroned Charles as the championship leader.

Ferrari’s budget affected after the Spanish Grand Prix

Ferrari's 2022 PU
Ferrari’s 2022 Power Unit

After the upgrades, Ferrari brought in the Spanish Grand Prix they might have tightened their budget cap to a decent margin. But what they didn’t hope for was a Power breakdown for Charles and Saniz’s floor damaged by the gravel after the spin on turn 4 that might have brought troubles for the Italian teams cap.

Ferrari was in hopes for the cap to play an important role that could have helped them to stop Red Bulls. But as the counter now they need to fix the Turbo and MGU-H damages for Charles and certain damages on Sainz’s car.

The title fight momentum can be seen getting towards the Bulls from the last three races, but it’s still too early to call out the rivals.

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