“It provides a whole new challenge in my F1 career,” Carlos Sainz sets new levels to the barriers in F1-75

Carlos Sainz has made some costly errors in the championship battle.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc

Carlos Sainz isn’t having the year he hoped for, he has been struggling a lot with his F1-75. He has been committing mistakes hurting the overall team.

Sainz knows the potential the Ferrari has offered him with the new car, he should have been fighting for the title contentions by now. But he is fifth in the championship table with 65 points, 9 points behind Geroge Russell on a still improving Mercedes.

The Spaniard has been struggling all along the first race to beat or even match the likes of his teammate in the same Ferrari. 

Sainz has already listed two DNFs to his name in consecutive races, Australia and Imola. He has been a part of the podium three times his season. 

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On the other hand, Leclerc has only marked 1 DNF regards to the engine failure that took him out of the race after a comfortable lead in Spain. He has already won 2 races and is fighting for the championship with Max Verstappen in the Red Bull.

Carlos truly understands the drive his teammate is performing on and admits he needs to reach that level, making it a new challenge for his career.

“It hasn’t been easy. You can probably tell from the onboards and from the mistakes that I’m struggling with this car and don’t quite understand how to get the most out of it yet. It provides a whole new challenge in my F1 career,”  said Sainz in conversation with F1.com.

 “I can only admire that and try to copy it in some areas.” when asked about the performance Charles is displaying on his table.

Carlos Sainz’s impact on the Title Fight

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz jumping out of the Ferrari after DNF

Carlos has been a part of Ferrari for only 1 complete season, making 2022 his second year. He successfully outscored his teammate in 2021 and had 31 points scoring streak until Australia 2022.

He has shown the quality the Italian team needs and that is the reason they want him to continue his career in red till 2024. But Sainz needs to get his performance to the level he can win races for the team, moreover when the team is considered to be a title contender.

With unlucky and bad performances Ferrari are now second in both championships, behind Red Bull and Max Verstappen. 

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