“Mercedes showed that it needs to reach six PUs in 2021,” Mattia Binotto not worried about taking penalties on the grid

“Mercedes showed  that it needs to reach six PUs in 2021,” Mattia Binotto not worried about taking penalties on the grid

Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc

It was an awful weekend for Mattia Binotto, Ferrari and all the cars which had engines powered by Ferrari. But, the driver which had to pay the heftiest of price was Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque looked all set to have a perfect weekend after securing pole in Saturday’s qualifying with a breathtaking lap and then going on to comfortably lead the Grand Prix from his arch rival and nemesis from recent times, Max Verstappen.

But, it all came tumbling down as he had to retire out of the race for no fault of his own. Max Verstappen, for a change, made a mistake which gave a lot of breathing space to Charles to figure out as to how he wants to go about business. Being almost a pit stop ahead of Max Verstappen, the race looked in the bag for the Monegasque driver. A power failure issue meant that he was forced out of the race.

Another consequence of that failure might be that Ferrari might have to use their third power unit as early as the seventh race of the season. While Max Verstappen is still functioning on his first PU, Charles Leclerc might have to use his third keeping in mind that some of the components are irrecoverable after that failure. Since only three are allowed to be used for the course of a season, a penalty might be inevitable at the end of the season.

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Mattia Binotto wary of the consequences of using extra power units, still confident of managing it

Mattia Binotto
Mattia Binotto

Mattia Binotto is wary of the fact but is not worried as he believes that it’s manageable and last year Mercedes showed us an example of that with their 6 PUs. He said, “Three power units are certainly too few. To manage the season properly,  Mercedes showed last year that it needs to reach six.”

It is true that we had used three in 2021, but we also had a separate championship. It would not be surprising if we reached four, when others reached six last year fighting for a World Cup.

“Three is a threshold from which penalties are then paid on the grid, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not manageable,” as reported by formulapassion.

Mattia Binotto looks all ready to pick a penalty on the grid for the use of extra power units at the end of the season. He believes that he can win both the championships despite taking the penalties.

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