“Ferrari should replace him,” Tifosi unhappy with Carlos Sainz’s repetitive costly errors this season

Tifosi disappointed after poor performance from Carlos Sainz over many weekends

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz in Imola

Carlos Sainz and Ferrari had an amazing kickstart to the season which saw him finishing second right behind Charles Leclerc to grab 18 points in the first race itself. 

This was Ferrari’s first win after 2 long seasons, and Ferrari’s entire fanbase was up on their feet celebrating.

However, that was the only perfect weekend that the Spaniard had. What followed up was unexpected.  Firstly, he made a little contact with the wall in Saudi Arabia during FP2. However, he again managed to finish behind Leclerc on P3.

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However, Australia came as a nightmare. On the second lap, he managed to spin out and got stuck in the gravel. Even after trying to get the car out, he could not, and had to retire without even finishing the second lap. 

Imola, the home race for Ferrari had something similar; just at the start of the race on the first chicane, Daniel Ricciardo made contact with him and he spun out, again stuck on the gravel. 

Ferrari fans were shaken after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, and if that wasn’t enough, the Spanish Grand Prix, Sainz’s home GP, he spun out very early in the race. 

It was just lap 7 when the cameras switched to Sainz’s Ferrari cam as he was on the gravel, again! However, he managed to get out of the gravel, with some damage in the body of the car, as reported. Following this the Spaniard missed the podium even at his home GP.

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“He has time until summer break,” Tifosi frustrated by Sainz’s spins and crashes. 

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

Ferrari fans, obviously, are not at all happy with his performance which is bringing the entire team down from the championship standings. After Leclerc’s power failure, the fans burst out on social media, targeting primarily Carlos. 

Carlos Sainz has stated that he is having troubles driving the 2022 car; 

“The car has been quite on a knife-edge there in the corner entry for me all weekend, and the combination of the dirty air of the car in front and a very big gust of wind made me lose control of the rear and go into a spin,” Sainz explained. “Things like that happen; learn from it and move on,” he said, quoted by F1

After the race, Carlos made a recovery drive and somehow managed to finish P4, behind the Mercedes of George Russell. 

He stands 5th in the championship with 65 points.

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