‘Hire Hannah Schmitz,’ Ferrari fans propose interesting solution for Ferrari’s strategic blunders

Ferrari have not always got it right on the strategy front, and fans think they can learn a few things from Red Bull's Hannah Schmitz.

Hannah Schmitz (L) | Ferrari (R)
Hannah Schmitz (L) | Ferrari (R)
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Ferrari’s strategies, to put it mildly, have been rather disappointing. This is not the first year this has been the case in any sense, but this year, it has been particularly damaging, as they probably have the fastest car on the race track, but have been unable to take advantage of it due to a variety of missteps.

It happened in Monaco, it happened in Silverstone, and on some level, it happened in Hungary too: All races featured extremely disappointing strategic calls, and Charles Leclerc got the short end of the stick, while teammate Carlos Sainz had relatively less damage done to his races. Leclerc has had three potential race wins (or at the least, valuable points) stolen away from him in the title fight, and even though he has made mistakes, he cannot be blamed for all of his deficit to Verstappen.

On the other hand, Red Bull have been a solid operation. Aside from the early reliability problems, and the few blips in between, they have been relatively spotless. Moreover, when they have actually ‘messed up’ on that front, Ferrari have been unable to take full advantage. Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two is in strategies: Hannah Schmitz is absolutely brilliant for Red Bull.

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Tifosi provide opinions on what can be done to ‘fix’ Ferrari

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

In Hungary, Hannah Schmitz and Red Bull had an all-around masterclass. With the drivers starting 10th and 11th, they were able to improve the results significantly, with Verstappen finishing first, and Perez finishing 5th. Hungary is not particularly known as an overtake-friendly track, and this makes their, and her feat all the more impressive. The ‘risky’ plan to start the race on softs paid off for them.

Ferrari, on the other hand, suffered from the low track temperature and their pace was generally pretty disappointing, in stark contrast to the expectations that had been put on them to achieve a 1-2 finish. The real coup de grâce of the bad day at the office was Ferrari putting Leclerc on hard tyres, which had an incredibly bad performance in them.

Recently, WTF1 tweeted out asking the fans: “What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the boss at Ferrari?” and there were a variety of interesting responses.

One of the most ‘prominent’ suggestions was to hire Hannah Schmitz as their strategy director, where she would replace Inaki Rueda.

One fan suggested that the culture of the team needs to be more diverse and that there should more people from different nationalities and ethnicities working at Ferrari.

One of the more humorous suggestions was: As president, to get a nice company car and take it for a ride, and then perhaps think about doing something with the strategy team.

The central theme to many of the answers really seems to be the strategy, and really, in that department, Hannah Schmitz is pretty much at the top. While she would obviously be a great asset at Ferrari, fans should not hold their hopes out for such a move, and instead, the team will have to look to other avenues.

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