“I don’t think the media reaction…was correct”: Sebastian Vettel fires back at media for calling Aston Martin’s new car a copy of the RB-18

Sebastian Vettel is reacting to the news about Red Bull alleging that Aston Martin copied their RB-18's design to make their own AMR-22.

Sebastian Vettel

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has spent 15 years in Formula 1 since he took part in his first F1 race in the United States 2007 Grand Prix. The Formula 1 veteran has since been associated with several teams including Red Bull and Ferrari, and now he drives for the British racing team Aston Martin after he signed with them in 2020.

As Sebastian Vettel is considered one of the wisest and most sensible F1 racers on the grid, his opinion is highly regarded by all motorsport fans. But the German racer was completely silent when it came to the feud between Aston Martin and Red Bull after allegations were made against the former, claiming that they had actually copied the RB-18 when Aston Martin released their newly upgraded racecar.

Red Bull went ahead to ridicule Aston Martin even after they got a clean chit from the FIA who announced that Aston Martin has not violated any of the copyright infringement rules. Several of the Red Bull executives, including Team Principal Helmut Marko, had claimed that Aston Martin had stolen intellectual property from them. But now, Sebastian Vettel is voicing his own thoughts on the entire issue, and he also blames the media for making this into such a huge row between the two British teams.

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Sebastian Vettel claims the media had a hand in exacerbating the Red Bull-Aston Martin feud

Sebastian Vettel in his Aston Martin
Sebastian Vettel in his Aston Martin

When the Aston Martin F1 Racing Team released their newly improved car ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, quite some fans had thought it resembled the Red Bull RB18 in its design. Then, the Red Bull authorities moved to lodge a complaint against Lawrence Stroll’s team, saying that Aston Martin had stolen their intellectual property.

After that, the FIA went ahead and did a full investigation, but removed all suspicions from Aston Martin as they did not have enough evidence to prove that they were guilty. But Red Bull did not stop there. They drank the green Red Bull to make a sly reference to the fact that the Aston Martin AMR22 looked just like the Red Bull car, except it was green in colour.

Speaking on this topic, Sebastian Vettel said, “I don’t think the media reaction to our car was correct, even compared to the work done by the team.”

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